Developing A Pavement Performance Function for Palestinian Roadway Network : Case Study : Nablus Province

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Osama A. Abaza - Supervisor
Dr. Khaled Zeidan- External Examiner
Dr. Khaled Al-Sahili - Member
Dr. Sameer Abu Eisheh - Member
Dr. Osama Akram Abaza
Lana Khaleel Naseh Shahein
Successful implementation of a pavement management system requires the necessary simulation tools, among which pavement performance prediction models form an important part. The measurement and prediction of pavement performance condition is an essential component of any pavement management system. The pavement performance life provides information on how long a particular pavement type will typically last before it needs maintenance or rehabilitation that is important for overall planning and budgeting activities. In this study, a performance evaluation method for Palestinian roadways was developed. Estimating the flexible pavement performance life for maintenance and rehabilitation was also presented. Data for model development was collected based on pavement evaluation methods that were offered by World Bank for developing countries. Performance model development in this study was based on evaluating various deterministic and probabilistic models using surveyed data for arterial and village-access roadways in Nablus Province. In this study, various mathematical models for predicting pavement performance were used including deterministic regression polynomial model of second degree, deterministic logistic growth model, and probabilistic Markov model. The pavement performance models were developed based on calibrating surveyed pavement condition rating data. The results of the analysis showed tl1at polynomial model of the second degree performed well in fitting the calibrated data using logistic growth model. The major-maintained arterial roadway system had longer average performance life than the resurfacing arterial and village-access roadway system. This study shows the importance of establishing pavement performance curves for applying maintenance and repair in the slow rate of deterioration phase so as to reduce the life cycle cost of pavement.
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