Utilization of Waste Tires in the Production of Non-Structural Portland Cement Concrete

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Osama A. Abaza - Supervisor
Dr. Sami Hijjawi - External Examiner
Dr. Khaled Al-Sahili - Member
Dr. Osama Abaza
Saleem Mohammed Saleem Shtayeh
This thesis, generally, aims to explore the potential utilization of waste crumb tires in various Portland Cement Concrete categories for the production of non-structural Portland cement concrete to study the structural behavior of concrete, and to help partially solving environmental problem produced from disposing waste tires. Raw materials of coarse and fine aggregate used in this thesis were tested, fine aggregate (sand) was replaced using volumetric method by waste crumb tires with 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100% replacements for the various PCC categories of B-150, 200, 250, 300, and B-450 kg/cm2. Several tests were made on fresh and hardened concrete, like compressive strength, slump, water absorption, density, modulus of elasticity, noise and thermal insulation tests, and abrasion resistance, Compressive strength, density, and modulus of elasticity decreased as the percent replacement by waste crumb tires increased; water absorption initially decreased and started to increase after an increasing in the percent of replacement, slump showed no significant change. Abrasion resistance, noise and thermal insulation increased as the percent replacement increased. Finally it is recommended to use waste crumb tires for non-structural Portland cement concrete, such as floor rips, partitions, back stone concrete, concrete blocks, and other non-structural uses. Key words: Portland cement concrete, waste crumb tire, physical properties, utilization, non-structural concrete.
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