Utilization of Olive Husk as a Replacement of Fine Aggregate in Portland cement Concrete Mixes for Non-Structural Uses

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Osama A. Abaza - Supervisor
Dr. Sami Al-Hejjawi - External Examiner
Dr. Shakir Al-Bitar - Member
Dr. Osama Abaza
Iyad Jameel Ahmad Bani Odi
This research aims at partially solving the environmental problem of olive oil wastes (husk & ash) by utilizing this waste in non-structural concrete mixes. On the other hand, this research aims at studying the effects of using olive oil wastes (husk & ash) on the physical properties of Portland cement concrete. To achieve the purpose of this thesis, the following methodology will emphasize and express the physical characteristics of Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) when olive oil waste (Husk) and Burned Husk (Ash) are used in the production of lightweight concrete, the following tests were done: sieve Analysis and specific gravity for coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, olive husk, olive ash. Different percentage replacements of olive husk or ash were used (0, 25, 50, 75, 100) % for concrete grades (PCC150,PCC200, PCC250, PCC300, PCC450), for each grade four samples for each proportion were done to test slump, density and compressive strength. In addition, three samples were prepared for testing absorption, abrasion, noise insulation, and thermal insulation. Results for all percentage replacements of olive husk and ash for all grades were ranging from (23-29) mm for slump. For olive husk and ash (density & compressive strength) are decreased as percentage replacement increases. For water absorption, as percentage replacement by olive husk and olive ash decrease, water absorption increases. For abrasion test, losses in weight due to abrasion increase as a percent replacement of olive husk or ash increases. For noise insulation, sound reduction increases as the percentage replacement of olive husk or ash increases. For thermal insulation, it increases as percent replacement of olive husk increases; however, it decreases as percent replacement of olive ash increases. Key words: Portland cement concrete, olive oil waste, husk, burned husk, ash, utilization, non-structural concrete.
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