Developing A Safety Management Tool Using A Geographic information System (GIS)

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Sameer A. Abu Eisheh - Supervisor
Dr. Khaled Zeidan - External Examiner
Dr. Khaled Al-Sahili - Member
Dr. Osama Abaza - Member
Dr. Sameer A. Abu-Eisheh
Fawz Khader Mouhammed Kobari
Road safety is an important issue as it involves large numbers of people, vehicles and road sections, and as such is a complex issue to understand and to manage. The collection and analysis of data accidents are fundamental to the design of safe roads and proper traffic control measurement programs. Using such data helps in understanding why accidents occur, identifying accident prone-location, and aiding in the choice of proper safety programs or countermeasures. ln this study, a geographic information system (GIS)-oriented database using TransCAD software was developed as a tool in improving quantitative accidents data analysis. The database was applied for a two-year study period (1997-1998) for Nablus City. This database is of great use in road safety improvements and management. This study included a number of phases: establishment of detailed database with information on accidents, traffic characteristics and physical road data; integration of these databases into a GIS; and definition and development of GIS-based applications to road safety and management. The results of this study clearly showed the applicability and potential of using GIS as a tool in road safety management and improvement.
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