Science - Physics

Year Title Authors
2017 Public Exposure to Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic and Electric fields in Ramallah City-Palestine Falastine Awadallah Ahmad Abuasbi
2017 Thermal Expansion Anomaly Near the Critical Consolute of Triethylamine-Water Ranan Munier Bani Fadel
2016 Analysis of Palestinian Olive Oil of Different Storage Ages by Fluorescence Spectroscopy Technique Jihan Marouf Turkey Abu Snouber
2016 Effects of the hydrostatic pressure and temperature on the properties of the (GaAs) single quantum dot in a magnetic field Faten Maher Bzour
2016 Radiation Enviroment in Selected Healthcare Centers in Palestine Asmaa Abd Alkareem Shehade
2016 The Magnetization of The (GaAs) DoubleQuantum Dots in a Magnetic Field Eshtiaq "Mohammed Yasir" Hijaz
2016 The Risk of Ionizing Radiation Arising from Waste on Workers at Regions in Some landfills in West Bank Saeed Nidal Abu Zayed
2015 Biodiesel Viscosity and Flash Point Determination Eman Ateeq
2015 Concentration and Temperature Dependence of Viscosity in Mode-Coupling Theory of Binary Mixture of Water and Phenol Shadia "Mohammed Said" Saleh Elayyat
2015 Critical Behavior of Refractive Index of Binary Mixture Cyclohexane - Phenol Heba Yousef Bsharat
2015 Critical Behavior of the Density of Binary Liquid Mixture Cyclohexane – Phenol Ghadeer Nafez Hussien
2015 Critical Behavior of the Electrical Conductivity for the Binary Mixture of Water and Phenol Hiba Zahra
2015 Critical Behavior of the Ultrasonic Attenuation for the Binary Mixture of Water and Phenol Maryam Reehan
2015 Critical Behavior of the Ultrasonic Attenuation for the Binary Mixture of Water and Phenol Maryam Reehan
2015 Determination of Some Metallic Elements and their Effect on Physical Properties of Edible Olive Oil in Palestine Estiklal Basem Fuqha
2015 Heat Capacity of Two ElectronsQuantum Dot in an External Magnetic Field by Variational Method Ayham Anwar Shaer
2015 Influence of Waste Water Used in Irrigation on the Physical Properties of Olive Oil in Palestine Lena Hassan Odeh
2015 Pentavalent Ions Sorption on Bentonite Clay Sojoud Adnan Odeh
2015 The optical band and optical constants of non-crystalline WO3 thin films doped with Ti deposited by dip coating in sol-gel Manar Ibraheem Ali Shwahna
2015 Two – Scale – Factor Universality of Binary Liquid Critical Mixture Balsam Nader Ata
2014 Adiabatic Coupling Constant g of the Binary Liquid Mixture Methanol – Cyclohexane Saja Ghazi Omar
2014 Debye Momentum Cutoff of the Critical Binary Mixture of Carbon Tetrachloride and Coconut Oil Yusur Hisham Kittany
2014 Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation from Microwave Ovens on Workers' Health at Cafeterias in some Higher Educational Institutions in Palestine Isra’ Ribhi Abu Hadbah
2014 Electric and Magnetic Field Radiation Leakage from Microwave Ovens at Homes in Palestine Muna Fozan Ahmad Darawshe
2014 Intermolecular Force Range and Noncritical Shear Viscosity of the Critical Binary Mixture of Benzene -Coconut Oil Saja Mohammad Yousef Abdo