Critical Behavior of the Electrical Conductivity for the Binary Mixture of Water and Phenol

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Prof. Issam Rashid Abdelraziq / Supervisor
Dr. Iyad Saadeddin / Co-Supervisor
Dr. Ayman Al-Haj Daoud / External Examiner
Dr. Samar Alshakhsheir / Internal Examiner
Prof. Issam Rashid Abdelraziq / Supervisor
Dr. Iyad Saadeddin / Co-Supervisor
Hiba Zahra
The dynamic viscosity was measured for water-phenol binary mixture at several concentrations and temperatures to determine the critical concentration and critical temperature. The critical concentration was determined at XC = 33.90% by weight of phenol, the critical temperature was TC = 67.0oC determined from the viscosity measurements. The electrical conductivity measurements showed that TC = 67.8oC at XC = 33.90% by weight of phenol. The electrical conductivity measurements for various concentrations (0.00%, 10.17%, 20.80% and 50.00%) by weight of phenol were fitted by using Arhenius equation. The activation energy and the electrical conductivity at infinite temperature were calculated for several concentrations. The electrical conductivity as a function of temperature was fitted by using power law above the critical temperature and critical concentration. The noncritical part of the measured electrical was found to be 30.26µS/cm and the critical exponent value was 0.032. The molar electrical conductivity was calculated and plotted by using Walden rule. The slope of Walden plot was found to be 0.9439. The water – phenol mixture is classified as a poor ionic mixture.
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