Science - Physics

Year Title Authors
2010 Effect of Noise Pollution on Arterial Blood Pressure, Puls Rate and Heart Pulse Rate of School Children in Jenin City Ruba Mohammed Anis Saeed
2010 Electrochromic Properties of Sol-gel NiO-based films Atheir Abu Yaqoub
2010 Measurement of Radon "Rn222" Concentration in the Soil in Arrabeh – Jenin Area Morsi Ahmed Tawfeq
2010 Physical Characteristics of Nano-Scale Israa Tayseer Lutfi Hamdan
2010 Preparation and Enhancement of CdS/ZnS Thin Films for Photovoltaic Purposes Maysa Tayseer Mohammad Atatrih
2010 The Effect of Noise Pollution on Arterial Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate of Workers in the Hospitals of Nablus City-Palestine Rowaida Mahmoud Essa Sadeq
2009 Confined Hydrogen Atom In Spherical Cavity In N - Dimensions Muzayan Abed Al Hameed Ali Shaqour
2009 Electronic and Structural Properties of SCSb and Sc Punder High Pressure Hani Ghaleb Yousif Najji
2009 Electronic, Structural and Magnetic Properties of Al1-xMnxN in Zincblende Structure: First Principle Study Raed Tawfiq Aref Jaradat
2009 FP-LAPW Calculations Of The Electronic Properties And Structural Phase Transformations In CoO And CdO Kamal Falah Naji Mustafa
2009 FP-LAPW Study of Phase Changesin An(A = Al,IN, and B) Under High Pressure Haneen Yousef Saeed Shalash
2009 Influences of a Uniform External Magnetic Ffiled on the Magnetic Properties of the Dipolar Heisenberg System Thaer Abu Lebdeh
2009 Modification Of The Properties Of Cadmium Huda Solaiman Mohamad Sabri
2009 Structural, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Ga1-× Fe× N Alloys (X=0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1) in Zincblende Structure– First Principle Study) Mahmoud Mohammad Ahmad Eissa
2008 Effects of a Uniform Applied Magnetic Field and Temperature on the Magnetic Properties of the Dipolar Anti-ferromagnetic planar System: Parametric Study Naim Mahmoud Malak
2008 First Principle Electronic Structure Calculations of Ternary Alloys. BNxP1-x, GaxB1-x N and BxIn1-x N inZinc Blende Structure Baseemeh Daas Fareed Zpeedeh
2008 Ga1-xMnxN Magnetic Semiconductors: First-Principles Study Farah Ali Deib Saleh
2008 XO(X=Be, Zn) Compounds Under High Pressure Omar Mahmood A. Isleem
2003 An Educational Biogas Project in Tulkarem Ayoub Mohamed Eshraideh
2003 FP-Lapw Calculations Of The Structural Phase Transformations Of Znse And Zns Under High Pressure Sana'a Ahmed Mohammed Mostafa Ghanem
2003 The Melting Dynamics of Nanoscale Pd Clusters : A Molecular Dynamics Study Using The Modified Embedded Atom Method Saja Ibrahim Abdul-Hadi
2001 Indoor Radon Concentration Measurement in Homes in Old City of Nablus Alan Mohammed Daraghmeh
2001 Indoor Radon Concentration Measurements in Four Hospitals and Two Health Centers in Nablus City Nidal Khaled Mohamed Dwaikatt
2001 Noise Pollution in Factories in Nablus City Mahmoud Mohammad Abdel-Ali
2001 The Magnetic Properties of The Alloys Fe(Al, Mn) System Sabri Ahmed Al-Tannah