The Magnetization of The (GaAs) DoubleQuantum Dots in a Magnetic Field

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Dr. Mohammed K. Elsaid /Supervisor
Dr. Musa Elhasan / Co-supervisor
Dr. Marwan El-kawni / External examiner
Dr. Khalid Ilawi / Internal examiner
Prof. Dr. Mohammed K. Elsaid /Supervisor
Dr. Musa Elhasan / Co-supervisor
Eshtiaq "Mohammed Yasir" Hijaz
The magnetization of two interacting electrons confined in double quantum dots under the effect of an applied uniform magnetic field along z-direction, in addition to a Gaussian barrier had been calculated. The variational and exact diagonalization methods had been used to solve the Hamiltonian and compute the magnetization of the double quantum dots. In addition, we had investigated the dependence of the magnetization on temperature, magnetic field, confining frequency, barrier height and barrier width. The singlet-triplet transitions in the ground state of the double quantum dots spectra and the corresponding jumps in the magnetization curves had also been shown. The comparisons show that our results are in very good agreement with reported works.
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