Intermolecular Force Range and Noncritical Shear Viscosity of the Critical Binary Mixture of Benzene -Coconut Oil

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Issam Rashid Abdelraziq / Supervisor
Dr. Abdel Rahman Abu Libdeh / External Examiner
Dr. Mohammad Abu-Jafar / Internal Examiner
Prof. Issam Rashid Abdelraziq / Supervisor
Saja Mohammad Yousef Abdo
Shear viscosity coefficients of benzene and coconut oil binary mixture have been measured using digital viscometer. The measured values were taken over the entire concentration range above the critical temperature. The results above the critical temperature T_c were analyzed by the mode coupling theory. The anomaly of shear viscosity was detected as a function of temperature and concentration. The value of noncritical part of shear viscosity near the critical temperature was measured to be ƞₒ = 1.30cP. The Debye momentum cutoff q_D is found to be 0.358 Å^(-1), the constant A = 0.052 ± 0.003, the correlation length ζₒ = 1.02Å, and the intermolecular force range L= 9.90Å by using the mode coupling approach. The forces are weak because of the small value of the viscosity.
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