Effects of the hydrostatic pressure and temperature on the properties of the (GaAs) single quantum dot in a magnetic field

Discussion Committee: 
- Prof. Dr. Mohammed Khalil Elsaid/Supervisor
- Dr. Khaled Ilaiwi/Co-supervisor
Prof. Atef Qassrawi/External examiner
- Prof. Ghassan Saffarini/Internal examiner
Prof. Dr. Mohammed Khalil Elsaid/Supervisor
Dr. Khaled Ilaiwi/Co-supervisor
Faten Maher Bzour
In the present work, we had calculated the energy levels of GaAs parabolic quantum dot under the combined effects of external pressure, temperature and magnetic field. The eigenenergies had been obtained by solving the two electron quantum dot Hamiltonian using the exact diagonalization method. The obtained results show that the energy levels of the quantum dot depend strongly on the pressure and temperature. We had found that the energy levels increase as the pressure enhances for fixed temperature and magnetic field and the quantum dot energy levels decrease as the temperature increases for fixed pressure and magnetic field. We had also computed the singlet-triplet phase diagram of the quantum dot. In addition, we had investigated the effect of the pressure on the magnetic field dependent exchange energy of the quantum dot. Finally, a comparative study to correlate the current foundations to previous works was carried out. .
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