Engineering - Water and Environmental Engineering

Year Title Authors
2016 Pollutants Tracking from Surface to Groundwater, the Case of Upper Faria Catchment Malak Abdalhadi Kamel Issa
2016 Sustainable Improvements for Jenin Wastewater Treatment Plant Lama Qasem Asmah
2015 Assessing the potential of wastewater reuse in Palestine using business processes re-engineering coupled with value chain analysis as a tool: The case of Nablus Governorate Leen Yahya Ameen Arafat
2015 Assessing the Transport of Heavy Metals from Al-Faria Main Stream into Soil and Groundwater Omama Monther Refa’i
2015 Establishment of Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for Selected Pollutants at Various Segments of Wadi Al-fara’a Doaa Duraidi
2015 Impacts of Trade of Reclaimed Wastewater on Water Management in Palestine Ahlam Faiez Mohammad Bushkar
2015 Water Consumption Practices in Schools of Nablus Directorate of Education Abdulbaset Mohammed Hameed Shuraideh
2014 Chemical and Microbial Risk Assessment of Drinking Water in Faria Catchment Reem Jamal Abu Hijleh
2014 Chemical and Microbial Risk Assessment of Drinking Water in Faria Catchment Reem Jamal Abu Hijleh
2014 Developing a Model for Assessing the Impact of Regional Virtual Water Trade and Water Footprints on the Water Conflicts in the Middle East: JRB as Case Study Sireen Abdelateef Abdelgafour
2014 Exploratory Study on the Performance of Newly Constructed Nablus West Wastewater Treatment Plant under Different Load Conditions Mohammed Abdul-Fattah Ibrahim Saleh
2014 Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Macronutrients and Micronutrients of Digestate from Biogas Units under different Feedstock Loadings Ra'fat Fathi Khalid Amarneh
2014 The Effects of Virtual Water Trade on the Future Water Management in Palestine Paradise Talal Hamdi Aslan
2014 The Use of Water Allocation System “WAS” as a Decision Support System “DSS” Tool for Water Management in the West Bank Mustafa Fakhri Mustafa Mayyaleh
2014 Water Quality Modeling of Al-Qilt Stream Hani Adel Shraideh
2013 A Preliminary Investigation of Wadi-Aquifer Interaction in Semi-Arid Regions: the Case of Faria Catchment, Palestine Atta MohyiEddin Hamdan Abboushi
2013 General Characterization of Groundwater Aquifer in Al-Faria Catchment by Using a Tracer-based Methodology Mohammad Jamil Homeidan
2013 Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) to Identify the Setting Priorities of the Sanitation Sector in the West Bank Baraa Yaseen Jararaa
2013 Rainfall – Runoff Analysis of Wadis Contributing to the Dead Sea: Wadi Og as a Case Study Lina Omar Bahjat Lahlabat
2013 Water Quality in Al-Faria Stream – Fate and Transport of Selected Nutrients, Metals and Particulate Solids) Yasen Mhamoud Ahmmad Jawabre
2013 Water Quality Modeling for Faria Stream Afaf Tayseer Abdu-Allah Alawneh
2012 Development of an Institutional Framework and Organizational Structures for Water and Sanitation Service Providers in the West Bank – Palestine Dalia Zakarya Daifi
2012 Environmental Assessment and Economic Valuation of Wastewater Generated from Israeli Settlements in the West Bank Dorgham Adel Shreim
2012 Identification and Assessment of Potential Environmental Impacts of Cesspits on Selected Groundwater Wells in Tulkarem District using Groundwater Modeling Lina Mahmmoud Ali Hamarshi
2012 Removal of Polyphenols from Olive Mill Wastewater using Activated Olive Stones Ruba Abdelrahman Farid Aladham