Engineering - Water and Environmental Engineering

Year Title Authors
2012 Techno-economic Analysis of Using Solar Energy, Diesel and Electrical Networks for Water Pumping in The West Bank Dyana Saleem Asa’d Salah
2012 Treatment of Wastewater Using a Constructed Wetland System (Four stages vertical flow sub-surface constructed wetland) Majd Mohammad Masoud
2011 Comparative Analysis of Separation Versus Direct Transport of Solid Waste from Tulkarem District to Zahret Al-Finjan Shereen R. Hamadah
2011 Development of an Institutional Framework and an Organizational Structure for the Wastewater Service Providers in West Bank - Palestine Daliah Zakarea Sa'd Al-Deen Daefi
2011 Environmental Assessment and Economic Valuation of Wastewater Generated from Israeli Settlements in the West Bank Dorgham Adel Ibraheem Al-Shreim
2011 Identification and Assessment of Potential Environmental Impact of Cesspits on Selected Groundwater Wells and Springs in the West Bank Using Modeling Leena Mahmoud Ali Hamarshah
2011 Numerical Simulation of Seawater Intrusion in Response to Climate Change Impacts in North Gaza Coastal Aquifer Using SEAWAT Reem Fathee Saleh Sarsak
2011 Techno-economic Analysis of Using Solar Energy, Diesel and Electrical Networks for Water Pumping in the West Bank - Palestine Diana Saleem Asad Salah
2010 Assessing and Mapping of Groundwater Vulnerability to Contamination Using the Protective Cover and Infiltration Conditions (PI) Method for the West Bank/ Palestine Noor Mahmoud Ali Ataallah
2010 Benefit Cost Analysis of Solid Waste Management for the City of Qalqilia Ibrahem Mohammad Nimer Hinde
2010 Evaluation of Water Resources Management Options in Gaza Strip using WEAP Nour Eddin Abdul Monem M. Jaradat
2010 The Effects of Pipe Material and Age on the Formation of Disinfection By – Products (DBP) In Nablus Water Network Nabeel Abdullah Jameel Omar
2009 A Benefit-Cost Analysis of Treated Wastewater Reuse for Irrigation in Tubas Rema′ Mohammad Saleh
2009 Artificial Groundwater Recharge in Faria Catchment A Hydrogeological Study Yahya Fathi Kamel Saleh
2009 Reuse-Recycling Options for Municipal Solid Waste in Zahret Al-Finjan Landfill Mohammad Ghaleb Mohammad Al Sa’di
2009 The Use of Water Evaluation and Planning "WEAP" Program as a Planning Tool for Jerusalem Water Undertaking "JWU" Service Area Leen Mohammad Sanjaq
2009 Treatment of Domestic Wastewater Using a Constructed Wetland System Majd Mohamad Sha'd Masoud
2009 Water Resources Evaluation at City Level Using Weap- the Case of Nablus Rahmah Othman Khader Abdo
2008 Assessment of Household Hazardous Waste Management: A Comparative Study Between Nablus City and its Refugee Camps Ehab A. Mayyaleh
2008 Energy Efficiency Improvement and Cost Saving Measures in Some Different Industries in Palestine Basel Tahseen Qasem Yaseen
2008 GIS-Based Modeling of Groundwater Recharge for The West Bank Adel ”Mohammad Said” Mahmoud Juaidi
2008 Modeling Nitrate Contamination of the Eocene Aquifer, Palestine Ahmad Abdelqader Ibrahim Najem
2008 Natural Runoff and Development of Infiltration System in Faria Catchment Baha’ Rasheed Fayeq Salahat
2007 Development of Sustainable Management Options for The West Bank Water Resources Using WEAP Salam Ahmad Hussein Abu Hantash
2007 Impact of Pumping on Saltwater Intrusion in Gaza Coastal Aquifer, Palestine Abdelhaleem Ibraheem Abdelhaleem Saleh