Development of an Institutional Framework and Organizational Structures for Water and Sanitation Service Providers in the West Bank – Palestine

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Anan Jayyousi /supervisor
Dr. Omar Zimmo /external examiner
Dr.Mohammad Almasri /internal examiner
Dr. Anan Jayyousi
Dalia Zakarya Daifi
Abstract In the West Bank, water and sanitation service providers are one of the key institutional entities that are responsible for delivering the water and wastewater services at different levels of society based on the Local Government Law No. (1) of the year 1997. The capacities of water and sanitation service providers vary tremendously throughout their different types, size and availability of resources in addition to other factors. Since the organizational structure has an impact on the service provider's ability to succeed in improving the level of service; the study spots light on this issue through the diagnosis of the current organizational structures of the different institutional setups for water and sanitation service providers in the West Bank with a view to organizational levels, grouping of functions and job titles. An exploratory sample of municipalities, joint service councils, amalgamation municipalities, village councils and sub-regional utilities as different institutional setups for water and sanitation service providers were selected for the research; the selection criteria took into consideration the type of institutional setup for service providers, the size of served locality, the type of services provided to the public and the geographical location. A special questionnaire was developed for each institutional setup for water and sanitation service providers and focused on administrative, structural, technical and financial aspects. Also in-depth interviews were made with selected key persons. The collected data and the questionnaire were analyzed using SWOT analysis process, where a consolidated strength, weakness, opportunity and threat points were identified and grouped for each institutional setups. The organizational structures and job titles for all case studies were analyzed and evaluated according to the instructions of staffs system for the Local Government Units (LGU's) No. (7) for the year 2009.A performance indicators' set were built for assessing the service delivering level and the service providers' effectiveness and efficiency. Also an activity/responsibility matrix was developed for assessing the water and sanitation sector organizations. The basic principles for building the organizational structures have been applied on the different institutional setups. Accordingly, proper functional and administrative organizational structures and job titles were proposed for the different institutional setups for water and sanitation service providers in the West Bank. Overall, the recommendations call for standardizing the organizational structures for water and /or wastewater departments or divisions at Local Government Units (LGU's) according to the size and nature of the services provided.
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