Engineering - Water and Environmental Engineering

Year Title Authors
2007 Integrated Water Resources Planning For A Water-Stressed Basin in Palestine Aya R. Arafat
2007 Management of Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater Using Lumped Parameter Models Lubna "Mohammad Nayef" Abdullah Hajhamad
2007 Optimal Management of Groundwater Pumping The Case of the Eocene Aquifer, Palestine Rana Amin Sulaiman Kharmah
2007 Wastewater Characteristics and the Impact of its Use in Irrigation on Soil: The Case of Faria Catchment Mohammad Subhi Mohammad Abu Baker
2006 An Assessment of The Nitrate And Chloride in The West Bank Groundwater Resources Using GIS Fathi “Mohammad Amin” Yousef Anayah
2006 Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability to Contamination in the West Bank, Palestine Ne'mat Sadeq Abdel Rahman Qamhieh
2006 Evaluation of Solid Waste Management Practices in Nablus District Abdul Salam F. Abu Zahra
2006 Impacts of Solid Waste Leachate on Soil and its Simulation to Ground Water at Nablus Area Ramia Bassam Rida Tuffaha
2005 GIS-Based Hydrological Modeling of Semiarid Catchments (The Case of Faria Catchment) Sameer ‘Mohammad Khairi’ Shhadi Abedel-Kareem
2004 Implications of Water Management Policies on Water Poverty in Palestine Rawand Bassam Othman Bushnaq
2003 Appraisal of Socio-Economic and Cultural Factors Affecting Wastewater Reuse in the West Bank Samer "Mohammad Adnan" Fareed Al- Kharouf
2003 Development of Management Options For industrial Wastewater in Nablus City Rana "M. Saleh" Fares Al-Habash
2003 Groundwater Flow Modeling - Case Study of the Eocene Aquifer in the West Bank, Palestine Hamees "Mohammad Sameh" Rawhi Tubeileh
2003 Hydraulic Performance of Palestinian Water Distribution Systems(Jenin Water Supply Network as a Case Study) Shaher Hussni Abdul Razaq Zyoud
2000 Rainfall - Runoff Process and Rainfall Analysis for Nablus Basin Naim Ibrahim Al-Nubani
2000 Rainfall-Runoff Process and Modeling for Soreq Stream Sub-Basin Near Jerusalem Mazin Husni Barakat
1998 Evaluation of the Water Resources of the Jericho District with Emphasis on Appropriate Design of Skimming Wells Khaled Moh'd Taher Nassereddin
0 Feasibility Study of Separation Versus Direct Transport of Solid Waste from Wadi Shaer Area "Tulkarm" to Zahret Al Finjan "Jenin" Shreen Radi Ahmad Hamadah