Analysis and Evaluation of Land-use Patterns in the Town of Jericho

Discussion Committee: 
Dr: Ali Abdelhamid
Hussein Mohamed Sa'd Alnojoom
This study is focusing mainly on studying and analyzing the land-use patterns in Jericho city during the 20th Century, through reviewing the structural plans, regulations and laws that were prepared during this century. The main objective of this study is to analyze and evaluate various land uses by identifying weaknesses in the prepared plans, and trying to put some recommendations and proposals which help create land use plans for in the city of Jericho in a scientific way, so as to enable the city in achieving its goal and performing its functions properly without clashes, or deformation, and meeting citizens and local community requirements in the modern age. The methodology of the study was based on the descriptive analytical method in analyzing the structural plans and planning rules and their impact on the city of Jericho depending on the available data and the experience of the author through his work in the Department of Local Government in Jericho. The results of indicated the negative aspects in the city, such as the overlapping and interference of land uses as well as the ignorance of previous structural plans to certain necessary and significant uses. Also, the study emphasized the urgency of preparing and approving a new structural plan for the city, which regulates the existing land uses and identifies the future or proposed uses in the coming period. Moreover, the study recommended the necessity of enhancing and straitening the touristic role and value of Jericho city as well as emphasizing the conservation of the historical and cultural areas and sites in the city, besides developing the sector of public services and facilities that support and enhance the touristic role of Jericho.
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