Engineering - Architecture

Year Title Authors
2017 Master Thesis Titled: Effect of Urban Open Spaces on Users Behavior. An Najah University Campus as a Case Study Nada Jamal Hasan
2017 Towards Green Palestinian Cities the Feasibility of Using Roof Gardens in Nablus as a Case Study Dua "Mohamad Rayeq" Ahmad Mallah
2016 Design Modification for Existing Buildings in Palestine to Adapt to its Environment in a Changing Climate Dalia Mohammed Abdul Qader Yamin
2015 Developing Of Earthen Techniques In the Contemporary Residential Buildings Maysa Mohammed Abd El-Khaliq Jbarah
2014 An Evaluation Study of the Green Governmental Schools in the West Bank Basma Azmi Saadeh
2014 Architecture Leaders in Palestine "West Bank" Between (1959-1995) Mahmoud Jalal Abdul Qader Alawneh
2014 Seismic Rapid Assessment of the Architectural Configuration of Governmental Hospital Buildings in West Bank Hida’ Hassan Khalil Habboub
2013 Climate and Architectural Design for Residential Buildings in Palestine Hazim “Mohamad Salem” Rashed Seder
2013 Design Modification for Existing Buildings in Palestine to Adopt to its Environment in a Changing Climate) Dalyah Mohammad Abdel-Khader Yameen
2013 Evaluation of Housing Projects in the West Bank – Case Study in Nablus , Ramallah , and Jenin Cities Mohammad Faris Mohammad Abu Obaid
2013 Possibility of Developing Eco-Friendly Residential Buildings in the Palestinian Cities- A Case Study From Jenin and Ramallah Cities Majd Hashem Abdel Hadi
2013 The impact of interior design in the success of the content of architecture spaces, internal and external - Case Study: "Separate residential buildings (villas) in Nablus, as a model" Rawand Hamdallah Abu Za'rour
2012 (Problems and Prospects of Pilot Governmental Green School Buildings Basma Azme Joubrah Sa'adeh
2012 Architectural Education in Palestine Areej Ezzat Mustafa Afeefy
2012 Interior Architectural Design between the various ideological concepts in the twentieth centuryA case of coparison between modern architecture and post –modernarchitecture” Omar Jalal Hafiz Anabousi
2012 Towards Sustainable Construction Systems Of External Walls Of Buildings In The Of External Walls Of Buildings In The West Bank Of Palestine Waseem Rida Ahmad Salameh
2012 Virtual Reality (VR) and the Possibility of Application in the Palestinian Built EnvironmentStudy case: Proposed solutions to ease the movement through the mountainous stairs of Nablus city Luay Mudar Wasef Al-Sharif
2011 Analyzing And Evaluating The Ralaces Rehabilitation Projects Of The Throne Villages In Palestine Hamzeh Muharram "Moh'd Said" AL-Najjar
2011 Post- War and Disaster Reconstruction Strategies in Palestine Muath “Muhamad Basher” Tahir
2011 Study of the Reality of Architectural Education and its Evaluation in Palestine Arij Izzat Mustafa Afifi
2011 The Effect of the Islamic Legislations on the Design Process (Toward Modern Islamic Design) Fajr Ali Al-Tawayha
2010 Architectural Ornamentation of the Ottoman Palaces in the Old Town of Nablus / Analytical Study Hanadi Sameer Kanaan
2010 Architectural Reading of the Ottoman's Sijills of the Ll-Shar'yah Court in Nablus City betueen (1655-1807) Thaerah Rashid Bleibleh
2010 Evaluating Methods and Techniques of Restoration in Palestine Nablus a Case Study Majd Najdi Naji Al Masri
2010 Garden In Islamic Architecture/An Analytical Study For Its Symbolic Meaning And Architectural Function Shafeq Amin Ba'arah