Engineering - Architecture

Year Title Authors
2010 Islamic Waqf Buildings and their Influense in Sustaining the Urban Fabrics of Historic Cities/ Case Study: The Old Town of Nablus City Amal Shafeeq Mohammed Al Assi
2010 Morphology of Spaces and Public Squares in Old City of Nablus: Analysis and Suggestions of Development Osama Abd-Allah Saleh Mustafa
2010 Mutual Influence between the Physical Reality of Houses and Socio-Cultural Identity of Population / Case Study: (Old Town of Nablus) Rania Mohammad Taha
2010 Restoration and Heritage Conservation Experience in Italy "Orvieto as a Case Study" and the possibility of applying this experience in Palestine "Iraq Burin as a Case Study" Eizeese Mohyi Eddin Abdo Fahd
2010 Revitalization and Development of AL-Habalah Quarter A Study in Urban Conservation and Revitalization of the Old Town of Nablus” Suha Al-Shakhshir
2010 Sabils in Islamic Architecture a Case Study of the Old City of Nablus Fidaa Mohammed Ahmed Qaqour
2010 Towards a Sustainable Construction Systems of External Walk of Buildings in the West Bank of Palestine Wasim Reda Ahmed Salama
2010 Virtual Reality and the Possibility of Application in the Palestinian Built Environment) Loay Moddar A'sif Sharif
2009 The Activation Mechanisms of Community Participation in Architectural and urban Conservation (Case Study of the West Bank) Ayman Azmi Jubran Saadeh
2009 Analyzing and Evaluating the Palaces Rehabilitation Projects of the Throne Villages in Palestine Hamzeh Moharam "Mohamad Sa'ed Al-Najar
2009 Forming and Orienting the Rural Development in the Palestinian Villages Case Study- Beit Iba Village Basem Essa AbdelRahman Thaher
2009 Islamic Moderate Philospphy and Abstraction in Islamic Architecture/Case Study (Islamic Decorative Elements) Hasan Mahmoud Issa Al Awawdeh
2009 Rehabilitation and Conservation of the Old Center of Awarta Village Nahed Jamil Jabr Mofleh
2009 Strategies for Conservation & Development of the Village of Balata Al-Balad in Connection with the Archaeological Sites Tahreer Khair Edden Ali Barham
2009 Style Analysis for Dwellings in Palestine In Ottoman Period (Case Study Nabluse City) Tariq Dawood Mahmoud Ahmad
2009 The Effect of the Islamic Legislations on the Design Process – Toward Modern Islamic Design) Fajer Ali Abdel-Mohsen Al-Tawayiah
2009 The Impact of Laws and Regulations on the Built Environment in Palestine (A Case Study of Residential Buildings in Nablus City) Amr Basem Ahmed Tuffaha
2008 Reviving And Developing The Historical Center Of Deir Estia Case Study For The Thorne Villages In Palestine Omar Jamil Ahmad Mokadi
2008 “Urban Safety”Urban Design From Women's Perspective Study Case: Nablus Mukarram “M.Q” Abbas
2007 Rehabilitation Of Historical Buildings in Palestine Mohammed A F Itma
2007 Role of Media and Journalism in Developing Arch. Mohammad J.I Dwaikat
2007 Towards Housing Renewal Policy In Palestinian City Centers/ Case Study Nablus City Nuha Ahmad Hussein Abu-Hantash
2006 Community Participation in Architectural Design (Evaluation of Al-Maageen Housing in Nablus) Saleh, Ahmad Mohammed Al-Haj Ahmad
2006 Physical and Characteristics of Palestinian Refugee Camps: A Case Study of Jenin Camp (West Bank) Amal Salah Mohammad Taslak
0 (Post_ War and disaster reconstruction strategies in Palestine) Moath " Mohammed Basheer" Attaher