Architectural Ornamentation of the Ottoman Palaces in the Old Town of Nablus / Analytical Study

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Haitham Al-Ratrout
Hanadi Sameer Kanaan
The architectural legacy represents the spiritual symbol which expresses the nation identity in thinking and culture However; it’s reflection of social, political, economic and religious life. Thus, the old Islamic buildings were the reflection of whole, natural people's life either, among its normal houses or its mosques or its bathes or its palaces. Thus, this legacy is a completely related perfect job which should be taken care of in every way, either in using the practical ways as repairing or by registration for those buildings. The importance of this study that it's an analyzing and documentary study for architectural ornamentation of Ottoman Palaces in the old city of Nablus, and this city doesn't have like this study, especially the study of ornamentation and decorations that are found is these palaces. Taking in consideration that some of these ornaments lost their value in many ways, for example, they were damaged by many factors because of that, there should be a necessity for a reference to document, registrant and analyze these decorations. Thus, this study concentrated in particular way, on three Ottoman palaces in the old city of Nablus, and they are Al-nimr palace, Touqan palace and Abdelhadi palace, because there palaces are the biggest in Nablus, also, these palaces belonged to the richest and most powerful families that controlled Nablus, and these families had social, political, and economic powers which reflected over their palaces, so these palaces were well-known for their wonderful decorations. So this study points to many important results, such as, the ornaments which were used in there palaces connected powerfully with the Islamic architecture and they expressed original Islamic thinking, among their symbols, and these tiles weren't random in its shapes, places, even though, it was noticed that there tiles repeated themselves in the same places and related palaces. This study concentrates on various studies that should take care of the small parts that are interested in buildings in addition to taking care of the whole building.
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