Garden In Islamic Architecture/An Analytical Study For Its Symbolic Meaning And Architectural Function

Discussion Committee: 
Dr.Haitham Arratrout
Shafeq Amin Ba'arah
The garden played a great rule in the daily life of Islamic societies, it was designed as a multipurpose Private outdoor space for everyday family activity, in addition the gardens design & its architectural elements during the Islamic era embedded many symbolic meanings that made many architects and historians like Safi adin Hamed describe it as “Paradise on Earth ". Most of the researches on the garden in Islamic societies took the Historical architectural description method for one or more of study cases, Even it was mentioned by part of the researchers, the Symbolic aspects of the garden design and it is roots have not been researched specially the main aspect of Privacy, that played the greatest rule in their design. The Islamic garden design theory is still fragmented & not clear & even Claimed by some researchers to be stolen by earlier civilizations, exemplified by the Persian & the Roman claims, this research will use the Comparative Study method Including an analytical historical study for different study cases, trying to reach & list the basis of Islamic garden theory, its roots, the main aspects & the historical evolution of those garden and the transformations on its structure During the last era
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