Architectural Education in Palestine

Discussion Committee: 
Dr.Khaled Qamhieh/supervisor
Dr. Jamal Amer/external examiner
Dr. Haytham Ratrout/internal examiner
Dr.Khaled Qamhieh
Areej Ezzat Mustafa Afeefy
This study highlights the importance of architectural education in the Palestinian universities to keep it up with the latest developments in technology. The study sought primarily to improve the architectural education in Palestine to make it highly competitive in Arab and international market. Because of that, the reality of architectural education in Palestine has been studied through the analysis of the curriculum requirements of several architectural engineering departments at Palestinian universities in general, and in An-Najah University in particular as a case study. The study aims primarily to achieve the policies and methodologies of modern education, as well as progress in building of a new architectural thought and its associated practice and create job opportunities. In order to achieve integration with society and its issues, it requires development in the restructuring process of teaching and studied courses to elevate the future of the architectural practice. The study indicates a lack of the practical side, compared with the good level of graduates at the theoretical side. It is essential to create a strong link to the community by creating true partnerships with the departments of architecture. The study recommends the development of the both administrative and educational aspects, and the need for integration between all the parties to the educational process: teachers - students - curriculum - methods of teaching - educational spaces - equipment and teaching aids, as well as the local community for the advancement of architectural education, in accordance to the international standards and accreditation programs.
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