Educational Science - Methods of Teaching Mathematics

Year Title Authors
2016 Lower primary stage teacher’s level of understanding of mathematical concepts in Nablus governorate Loai ‏Dweekat
2016 Mathematical Thinking Skills and Their Relationship with Mathematical Beliefs of an Najah National UniversityStudents From Two Specializations: Mathematics And Teaching Methods Of Mathematics Hadeel Salman Ali Odeh
2016 Multiple Representations in Teaching Fractions and Its Impact on the Academic Achievement and Trends of the Fifth Grade Students at UNRWA Schools in Nablus Mohammad Ali Abu Alrob
2016 The effect in Using Three Computer Programs on the Academic Achievement of 10th Grade Students in Mathematics and their Motivation toward its learning in Qabatia Directorate (Comparative Study) Abdelrahman Mohammad Sadeq Abu Sarah
2016 The Effect of Teaching a Geometry unit , according to an Expert on the Mantle in Achievements and Motivation Toward Learning Mathematics , at the 6th grade students in Jenin Schools. Fathi Hassan Qanoh
2016 The Effect of Teaching Mathematical ProficiencyProgram on Achievements and Mathematical Thinking of the 7th Basic Grade Students in Qalqeelia Governorate Inas Nabeel Zaki Radwan
2016 The effect of using Minitab program on the achievement of the ninth grade students in statistics unit and their motivation towards its learning in Nablus schools Hisham Zarefah
2016 The Effect of Using the" Project Based Learning" Strategy on Mathematical Thinking and Motivation Towards Learning Among Grade 7 Female Students in Jenin Governorate Ferial Sulaiman Hazhoze
2016 The impact of multiple solutions tasks on Mathematical creativity and democratic practices among Grade 9 Mathematics students in Qalqilya Governorate Amal Ali Ahmad Abu-Asba
2016 The influence of using Geogebra program in learning mathematics on the ninth grade students' achievement and their attitudes towards using it Khaled ateeq
2015 Description of Palestinian Mathematical Olympiad Problems and Analysis of Them According to Mathematical Problem Solving Strategies Rana Kamal Hassan
2015 The Effect of Modified Homework on Achievement of Students of 8the Grade in Mathematics and theis Attitudes Toward in Jericho Area Schools Kawther Abdelqader Mohammad Bsharat
2015 The Effect of Instructional Program Based on Mathematical Power on Achievement and Mathematical Thinking Among Seventh Grade Students in Nablus Governorate Amal Rashid Omar
2015 The Effect of Some Mathematics Strategies of Solving Problems on Math Achievements of 7th Grade student and Their Opinion in Tulkaurm District Hamzah Hussni “Abu Younes Suleiman”
2015 The Effect of Using Advanced Grapher program on the Achievement of Tenth Grade Students in Mathematics and Their Attitudes Toward it'sLearning in Nablus City Wala Hassan Nemer Qeino
2015 The Effect of Using Polya's Strategy to Solve Mathematical Problem on the Ability of Fifth-Grade Students and their Attitudes Towards Solve it, in Nablus UNRWA Schools Roqaya Malalha
2015 The Effectiveness of a proposed program in fractal geometry in development the spatial ability and teaching Performance for mathematics teachers of upper PrimaryStage in Nablus Wala’ Jehad Dahman
2014 Abstraction Processes of Grade 9 students in modelling activities(A qualitative research) Hisham Ahmed Hashem Bani Matar
2014 Seventh Grade Students' Learning of Angles Technological Environment: Cultural Historical Semiotic Analysis Nathera Fakri Jabr Musalam
2014 Seventh Grade Students' Learning of Angles Technological Environment: Cultural Historical Semiotic Analysis Nathera Fakhri Jaber Msallam
2014 Stages of Grouth of Geometric Understanding in Triangles Using Geogebra for the Eighth Grade Students Ragaa Lutfi Ahmad Abu Ara
2014 The Effect of Applying Mathematical Thinking Patterns on 8th Grade Students' Achievement and Attitudes in Nablus Governmental schools Wajiha Ahmad Hussein Suboh
2014 The Effect of Using Cabri 3D Program on the Achievement of the Eighth Grade Students in the Unit of Geometry and Their Motivation Towards it at the South of Nablus Schools Enas Abedel Rahim Fathi Omar
2014 The Effect of Using Mathematical Modelling Strategy on Comprehending Mathematical Concepts and Problems Solving Among the Seventh Graders in Measurement Unit Rabab Ahmad Abed-Alqader Toba
2014 The Effect of Using Sketchpad Program on The Achievement of Ninth Grade Students in Mathematics and Mathematical Self Concept at the District of Nablus Rawdah Darawsheh