Educational Science - Methods of Teaching Mathematics

Year Title Authors
2004 The Impact of Using Algorethmic Maps in Achievement of Tenth Grade Students in Mathematics Course in Governmental Schools Belonging the Directorate of Education in Salfeet Governorate and their Attitudes Toward it Ali Ezzat Ali Obeid
2003 Common Mistakes in the Four Arithmetic Operations in Fractions and Decimal Fraction Among the Fifth and Sixth –Fractions and Decimal Fraction Among the Fifth and Sixth –Grade Students in the Governmental Schools in Nablus District Mahasin Al- Sa'eed
2003 Evaluation of Performance of Mathematics Teacher’s from the Point of View of their Students in Jenin District Samir Wajeeh Mohammed Hamed
2003 Student Gender Relation Sixth Basic Grade by Acquisition of Concepts and Algebra Skills and the Arithmetic Basic Skills in Jenin Governmate Mazen Abdul Rahman Saleh Ahmed
2003 The effect of Feedback that Providing After the Exam on Academic Achievement in Mathematics at 7th Grade in Qaqilia District Murad Hassan Saleh Al-Hassan
2003 The Effect of Playa’s Strategy on the Basic Ninth Grade’s Ability to Solve the Geometric – Math Problem in the Governmental Schools in Jenin District Majed Mousa Diab Massri
2003 The Effect of Providing the Students of the Basic Seventh Grade with Behavioral Objectives on their Achievement in Mathematics in Governmental Schools in Jenin Area Samer Omar Abu-Rub
2003 The Effect of Training to Strategy of Solving Mathematical Problem on Academic Achievement and Achievement Motivation, Retention the Information Among 10th Grade Students in Government Schools of Jenin Mohammad A. M. Nawahda
2003 The Relationship between the Cognitive Structure and the Acquisition of Knowledge (academic attainment) for the Seventh Grade Students – (at ANRWA schools in Nablus area) –who are Excellent or Superior at Mathematics. Mohammad Ghanem Ahmad Ghanem
2002 A Contrastive Evaluation Study between the Content of the Palestinian, Jordanian, & Egyptian Curricula in Mathematics for the Sixth Basic Class Husam El-Deen Nabeeh Hasan Abu Ghazaleh
2002 The Effect of Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) on the Achievement for the 10th Grade of Mathematics and their Attitudes Mosub M.J. Aboushi
2002 The Effect of Using the Calculator in Math On The Achievement Of The Nineth Elementary Class Students In Nablus Ghena Hasan Khayyat
2002 The Obstacles that Face the Usage of Teaching Aids from the Viewpoint of Teachers of Mathematics for the Basic Stage at Public School in Nablus District Ahmad Jameel Ahmad Odeh
2002 The Training Needs for the Teachers of Mathematics in the Government Schools in North Districts of Palestine Wajih Hijazi
2001 Effect of Using Discovery Method in Mathematics on Achievement and Attitudes of Sixth Graders in Nablus Mis'adeh Salim Ali Shtayeh
2001 The Impact of Using three Strategies to Evaluate the Role of Homework on Perception and Achievement for Ninth grade Students in Statistics in Mathematics in UNRWA schools in Nablus Area- West bank- Palestine Balsam Abdul-Fattah Zaid Dawabsheh
2000 The Effects Of Programmed Instruction Approach In Mathematics On the Achievement Of the Third Elementary Class Student In Ramallah & Albireh District Bassam Tork
2000 Training Needs In the Academic High Basic Stage for Teachers of Mathematics in the government Schools in North Districts of Palestine Ahmad Othman
1999 Analysis of Tenth Graders Errors and the Relation between their Acquisition of the Basic Skills and their Ability to Solve the Mathematical Equations in the Basic Grade Ahmad Bashir Ahmad Dababat
1999 The Effect of Cooperative Group Learning and Group Size on Mathematics Achievement of Fifth Male Grade Students in Jenin Issam Fahed Yousef Abu Atia
1999 The Impact of the use of a Mdified Strategy for the Solving of the Geometric Problem Regarding the Ability of Students in the Eighth Grade in Respect to Solving Similar Problems at the Government Schools in the city of Nablus راسم مصطفى صالح مصطفى
1999 The Relationship Between the Attitudes and Achievement in Mathematics of the Tenth Grade in Tulkerm District Husam Tawfeek Nasser
1999 اثر تدريب طالبات الصف العاشر الأساسي على مهارات حل المسالة الرياضية وفق نموذج بوليا في المدارس الحكومية في مدينة نابلس محمد رجا شحادة عواد
1998 The Effect of Math Homeworks On The Achievement Of Students Saleh Qasem Abu Sarries
1998 The Impact of Two Models of Cooperative Learning Method in Achievement of Ninth Grade Student in Mathematics in Tulkarm Governorate and Attitudes Towards it Wasfi Wajeeh Yousef