The Protection of Civilians in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (Geneva fourth convention)

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Basel Mansour
Ameenah shareef fawzi Hamden
The importance and the aim of this study is that it’s a subjective and analytical one of the texts of the Geneva fourth convention related to the protection of civilians dueling civilians during conflicts and to shed some light on the role of the international organizations in protecting civilians and showing the possibilities of bringing Israeli war criminals to justice. To start with the terrible violations of the norms and rules of the international Law during the land Il world wars which resulted in the death of millions of civilians and soldiers made it necessary to formulate the Geneva fourth convention to protect civilians so that they will by away from military operations. these conventions ales specified the mechanisms of protection and the categories that my benefit from them. Despite the high hopes, wars are still taking place causing great sufferings to the civilians who don’t take part in the military operations which made it urgent to give direct help to the victims of these wars. The efforts made by the international community to state the governs the military operations through the intention agreements, was faced by the fact there are no mechanisms to implement them therefore, it was necessary to have some international judicial organizations that implement some international law along with the security council and to impose some kind of punishment on countries that violate the international law in addition to setting up international far as Rwanda is concerned. courts as The international responsibility is considered a major part of the international law. Consequently, and as a result of the international relations and the scientific revolution, it has become very essential to have some rules that control the behavior of each country towards the other countries. These rules clarify the concepts of international Responsibility in its civic and criminal parts as well as the conditions for starting it and the consequences and the parties concerned. What the Israelis did in the occupied territories that was ranging from killing of the civilians, demolishing houses, executions, talking Palestinian citizen as human shields, targeting the ambulances and paramedics and mammy many other war crimes. In addition her refusal to adopt the Geneva Convention on the occupied Palestinian. Territories urged the international Community to intervene to give protection to Palestinian Civilians during war time. There are many possibilities to bring Israeli war criminals to court in accordance with the Security Council Resolutions and by going to the international Court for war crimes armed by the famous report put by Goldstone in addition to some other means given in this study.
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