Arrested in Penal Legislation Palestinian, Comparative Study

Discussion Committee: 
A. D. Mubarak Ahmad Khalidi
Muhannad Arif Sawan
Thesis topic arrested in the penal legislation Palestinian Magarnhabgyerh of penal legislation of other legislation, such as Egypt and Jordan, where the British took freely rights legislation barring Bhaala prejudice in certain situations, the longer the arrest of the most urgent actions that Harrihfho limits, but Yadamhavi conditions Mainhlmakan interest safeguards prevent violations of individual freedoms and regulate the border which the authorities Alaamhassistas Bahawaadm involvement in the darkness of prisons without legal basis, without reliance on the principles, norms, rules and penal legislation, which states quite frankly the inadmissibility arrested and remanded rights Bammerman not legally competent authorities Hence the importance of this study. The researcher discussed paving the arrest by the conventions and international legislation (charters and declarations) and the arrest in legislation Arabhutenaul researcher in the first quarter definition of the law enforcement and judicial duties and powers of legislation based Alvelstineutarif criminal prosecution, powers and function of the trigger punitive and functioning as the enforcement of judicial and prosecution are the powers and functions related lawsuit punitive started from the stage to accept the complaint and the evidence gathered via MOVED criminal case and conducted by the Public Prosecutor and the researcher in the second quarter what tariffs and arrested him various aspects of jurisprudence and the judiciary to give a clear picture of each corner and then viewed it as identified through the arrest coupled relationship liberties the fact that the individual arrested symptoms, which are freedom and hence the distinction between arrest and some of the actions might like him stop and stop and physical exposure. In chapter III, a researcher with the arrest of authority law enforcement officers in the arrest and conditions of its implementation, cases and then search procedures after the arrest and then examine the elements of the crime arrests and all that through legislation compared to other legislation Palestinian, Jordanian, Egyptian and British and check these conditions and big and put it in balance with the extent of achievement of justice, fairness, freedom and human dignity. To achieve the best results, provide useful study meets the precise details must be followed researcher tried scientifically accurate and certified From this standpoint, the researcher followed the curriculum interpretative and analytical articles dealing with the Code of Criminal Procedure and Palestinian research on the topic and other punitive legislation and the gloss accurate, then followed researcher analytic method for devising what is inherent in it and then followed the comparative method by comparing the legal texts to each other and neither of them know more precisely whether the wording or meaning, which is more in line with the same researcher, and finally followed the curriculum cash to not only the interpretation, analysis and comparison, but we must all criticism a statement beauties and disadvantages and to develop appropriate texts in the run and then followed by Conclusion The research findings and recommendations.
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