The Reconciliation in Economic Crimes

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Fadi Shaded
Dr. Mohamed shraqah
Sa'adi Aref Sawafteh
This study aims at identifying the subject of criminal reconciliation in economic crimes .To achieve the purpose of the study, it was necessary to give a clear image about the subject in this Kind of crimes. Resorting to this kind of reconciliations was to meet the desire needs emerged from the countries suffering from the increasing of kinds of economic crimes which vary from region to another and from generation to another. The increasing rates of this kind of crimes result a criminal justice crises. So, the economic legislations have given a great attention to the solution of this matter which is the reconciliation. As a result of the criminal fair crises that many countries suffer from and the frailer of traditional punishment in overcoming the increasing economical criminal phenomena , the new criminal policies deal with the reconciliation system has emerged as a solution for these problems. The criminal reconciliation which became an integrated part of the of the development of criminal procedures aiming at achieving the criminal justice has been adopted by the modern legislation along with jurisdiction, particularly in the economic crimes characterized by its progressive and the law inability in dealing with it. The introduction deals with the histories development of the reconciliation and clears that the punishment of this kind of crimes wouldn't be the imprisonment, instead it will be getting financed punishment in order to increase the governmental income. So the criminal law enters the economic filed. Also, the reconciliation has been identified , modified and distinguished from other systems which have some kinds of similarities with. Furthermore, we have concluded that the reconciliation is a legal procedure between the responsible administrations and the charged for an amount of money according to an agreement. Despite the fact that the legal nature is a controversy in jurisdiction, this system and according to its legal nature is considered as a financial punishment. Nevertheless, both available substantive and procedural conditions of the criminal reconciliation result giving up the trail before making a verdict. But, if the verdict has been done it should be stopped and its procedures should be cancelled despite the kind of punishment. Moreover, its noticed that the Palestinian legislator has devoted the criminal reconciliation in the economic legalizations. On the other hand, he hadn’t detailed the system. As a result of that, it was necessary in the study to clarify this rules and procedure in order to emphasize the legal control governing the criminal reconciliation in the economic crimes.
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