Graduate Studies - Environmental Science

Year Title Authors
2017 Enhanced Phytoremediation Of Olive Mill Wastewater "Zibar" Using Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) With Barley and Clover Samar Omar Sameer Abed Alqader
2017 Functionalized C,N-Bipyrazole Receptor Grafted Onto Silica Surface for Arsenic (As) Adsorption and its Antibacterial Activity Nagham Tahseen Mohammed Taha
2016 Assessing Water Quality of Cisterns in Sha'rawiya Area "Tulkarm Governorate" for Drinking Purposes Saja Asa'd Almur
2016 Determination of Iodine Level in Consumer Table Salt from Production to Consumption in Palestine Randa Taleb Rajabi
2016 Evaluation and Assessment of Growth, yield and uptake of Various non local Barley Cultivars Irrigated with Simulated Wastewater Zakiyeh Suliman Salem Namrotee
2016 Evaluation of the Performance Indicators for Safety reuse of Treatment Greywater in Northern West Bank Abeer Afif Jomma
2016 Kinetics and Evaluation of Heavy Metals and Nutrients in Leachates from Fertilizers Using Soil Columns Sarah Mohammad Ahmad
2016 Phytoremediation of organics and metals from Olive Mill Wastewater Mohammed Abdel Rahman Yosef "Soliman Abdallah"
2016 The Use of Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) to Improve Plant Growth in Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil for Phytoremediation Hafeth Fawzi Daraghmeh
2016 Using Thiophene Supported on SiO2 for Removal Cr(VI) from Water Ahmad Deeb Nemer Naem
2015 Characterization of Indoor Air Bacterial Isolates from Rafidia Hospital, Nablus-Palestine and their Roles in Nosocomial Infections Eman Atta Hassan Abedraboo
2015 Effects of Nutrients and Salinity on Yields, Growth, and Nutrients distribution of Faba Beans Grown in Hydroponics System Anan Saleh Thaher Abahri
2015 Evaluation of Salinity and Selected Trace Metals Impacts on Muskmelon Growth, Yield, and Uptake Grown in Horizontal Hydroponic System Sana Baha Ebraheem Dababat
2015 Evaluation of Solid Waste Separation and Recycling in Jenin Area Hanan Mohammad Ali Suleiman Hijawi
2015 Phytofiltration of Chromium (Cr) and Manganese (Mn) from polluted waters using Luffa Cylindrica Ayat Tawfeeq Hassan Abu Sharbeh
2014 Determination and Assessment of Heavy Metals in Tobacco Sold and Smoked in Palestinian Market Ola Ahmad Mohammad
2014 Effects of Salinity, Nutrients, Heavy Metals and Organic Matters on Growth, Yield and Uptake of Pea in Piped Hydroponics Mohammad Ass'ad Saeed AL Jada
2014 Evaluation of Qualitative and Quantitative Efficiency of Small Scale Biogas Units in Palestinian Rural Areas Mahmood Rashad Rashed Mansour
2014 Evaluation of the Impacts of Selected Trace Elements and Salinity on the Growth, Yield, and Uptake of Bell Pepper Grown Under Sequential Vertical Flow Hydroponic Conditions Nour “Lutfi Mohamed” Hassan Al- Husain
2014 Evaluation of the impacts of uncontrolled agricultural practices on soil and water resources on the Al-Far’a catchment Do'a Fayez Abdullah
2014 Evaluation of Yield and Energy Budget of Muskmelon Grown in Horizontal Hydroponic System under Different Nutrient Input Laila Kamal Abd Al-Hadi Essa
2014 In-vitro evaluation of acetylcholinesterase inhibition and antioxidant activity of selected Palestinian medicinal plants: Implications for Alzheimer’s disease therapy Salam Yousef Jamil Abu Zaitoun
2014 Molecular Characterization of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Strains Isolated from Hospitals Surfaces, Equipments and Patients in Northern Palestine Hala “Mohammad Shuaib” Abd-Alqader Shaheen
2014 Prevalence and Molecular Characterization of Cysticercus tenuicollis Cysts in Sheep Slaughtered in Palestine Alaa Azmy Yousef Jayousi
2014 Prevalence of RNASEL, ELAC2 and MSR1 gene mutations among prostate cancer patients in Palestine Esra’a Al Hamad