Graduate Studies - Environmental Science

Year Title Authors
2001 Comparison and Evaluation of Awassi Lamps Fattening Systems in Palestine Wajdi Hussein Ali Hammad
2001 Environmental Impact assessment of Small industries in West Bank With Emphasis on Olive Presses Lina Ahmad Al-Sa'd
2001 Evaluation of Daily Changes in Air Pollutants Levels On The induction of Respiratory Symptoms in School Children : The Y'abed Charcoal Production Basin Yaser Omar Hafeth Kayed
2001 Isolation of Salmonella and Escherichia Coli 0157:H7 From Fresh Meat of Turkey and Imported Frozen Cattle Meat With Emphasis On Isolation of Salmonella From Poultry Eggs Issam M. Al-Karablieh
2001 Prevalence and Serovar Distribution of Some Species of Enterobacteriaceae in Fresh Meat of Cattle, With Special Emphasis On Salmonella, and Escherichia Coli O157:H7 Sameh Ghazi Khalil Abu-Seir
2001 Short-Term Variations in The Abundance of Zooplankton Near Coral Reef and Open Water in The Northern Part of Gulf of Aqaba in The Red Sea Raid M. Rizik
2001 Temporal Dynamics of Phytoplankton in The Coral Reef and Open Water in The Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea Abdul Karim M. Farrah
2001 The Impact of Israeli industrial Zone On Human Health in Tulkarm District: A Preliminary Study Issam Mohammed Qasem
2001 Water-Borne Pathogens With Relation To Gastroenteritis in Salfeet District: An Epidemiological Study Adli Bassim Ibraheem Al-Kahah
2001 Water-Borne Pathogens With Relation To Gastroenteritis in Tubas District : An Epidemiological Study Abu Alian, Husam Hasan Odeh
2000 Bacterial Quality of Drinking-Water in Rainfed Cisterns and Roof Storage Tanks in Beit Leed and Safarine Villages Sameeh Musa Hassan Othman
2000 Breast Cancer Status in The Northern Part of West Bank Ahmad Z. Haj-Qasem
2000 Chromium Removal and Recovery From Tanneries Effluents Abeer Mousa Al-Sous
2000 Determination of A New Synthetic Pyrido-Pyrimidine by Adsorptive Cathodic Stripping Voltammetry Iqab G. Y. Naji
2000 Ecology and Biology of Phlebotomine Sandflies (Diptera: Psychodidae) in Different Leishmaniasis Foci in The Jenin District, West Bank, Palestine Samir Salih Abed El-Rahman Sawalha
2000 Effects of Irrigation With Saline Water On The Growth and Yield of Cherry Tomato Buthaina Abd-Alaha Mahmoud Khader
2000 Effects of Noise Pollution On Arterial Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate and Hearing Threshold in School Children Hasan Rashid Abdel-Raziq
2000 Epidemiological Study of Intestinal Parasites in Pre-School Children in Al-Jiftlik Area - Jordan Valley Moamar Ali Orabi
2000 Impacts of Irrigation With High Heavy Metals Concentration On Soil and Ground Water Inaya Mizyad
2000 Optimal Nitrogen Fertilization for Potato and its Potential Effects on Ground Water Mohammed Yusuf Ibrahim Abdul Rahim
2000 Optimal Nitrogen Fertilization Rates and form for Cucumber in Plastic House Alia Othman Fehmi Qanadilo
2000 Prevalence and Seasonal Variation of intestinal Parasites Among Primary School Children in Qalqilia District, Palestine Zahra Waheeb Abed El-Fatah Khudruj
2000 Prevalence of Undetected Tinea Capities in School Children in Nablus Area Abed Al-Rahman Mohammed Salameh
2000 Role of Plant Growth Regulators in The interaction Between Phytopathogenicity of Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum and Their Host Plants Mohammed Ibraheem Al-Masri
2000 Utilization of Olive Pulp in Broiler Rations Eyad Ali Diab Abd El-Ghani