Graduate Studies - Environmental Science

Year Title Authors
2014 Socio Economic Evaluation and Feasibility Assessment of Small Scale Biogas Units for Rural Communities in Palestine Dania Mohammad Faiz Mohammad Saeed Maraka
2013 Fate and Mobility of Imidacloprid and Abamectin Residues in Green House Soil Osama Muhammad Ahmad Khalaf
2013 Study of Heavy Metals distribution in Used Engine Oil Using Soil Column Chromatography Rasmi Helmi Odeh
2012 Evaluation of Imidacloprid and Abamectin Residues in Tomato, Cucumber and Pepper by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Saed Mousa Diab Ali
2012 Fate of Amoxicillin, Ibuprofen, and Caffeine in Soil and Ground Water Using Soil Columns Halimeh Ahmad Sai'd Staiti
2012 Treatment of Organic Phenolic Contaminant In wastewater Using Activated Carbon From Cypress Products Nadeem Hamdallah Jameel Basalat
2011 Constructing Norms of Some Anthropometric Measures and Physical Fitness for Soccer Referees in Palestine) Alaa El Din Ahmed Mahmoud Alhotri
2011 Factors Affecting Transfer of Training within the Work Environmental According to Opinion Palestinian Government Hospitals Bashar Ahmed Saleh
2011 The Fate of Amoxicillin, Ibuprofen and Caffeine on Soil and Ground Water) Halima Ahmed Saad Astete
2010 An Ethnobotanical Study of Wild Edible Plants in the Northern West Bank Nadeen Sadeq Abdullah Hinnawi
2009 Assessment of Medical Waste Management in Jenin District Hospitals Abdul-Salam A. Khalaf
2009 Stinginess in the Abassi Poetry in the Second and Third Hijri Centuries Jamal Abdel-Fattah Khalel Sway
2008 Ecological Investigations on Terresterial Arthropod Biodiversity Under Different Grassland Ecosystems in El-Fara' Area (Palestine) Wasef Mohammed Deeb Ali
2008 Medical Waste Management in Primary HealthCare Centers and Private Clinics: Jenin District as a Case Study Majdi Qasem Jameel Abu-Awwad
2008 Studies on Folkloric Medicinal Plants Used by Palestinians in the Qalqilia District Raeda Tawfeeq Ebrahim Daoud
2008 Synergetic Effects Of Plant Extracts And Antibiotics On Staphylococcus Aureus Strains Isolated From Clinical Specimens Mohammad Lafi Mhanna
2008 The Use Of Multivariate Analysis Of Variance To Aid Species Separation In The Genus Pythium Hadeel Rasheed Thaher Al-Thaher
2007 Determination of Nitrate and Nitrite Content in Several Vegetables in Tulkarm District Afaf Ghaleb Hafiz Abu-Dayeh
2007 Evaluation Of Solid Waste Management In Qalqilia District Jafar Abd-Alqader Abd-Alrazzaq Eid
2007 The Exposure of Farmers and Their Families to Pesticides in an Agricultural Community Maysoon Tahsin Abdel Raouf Alfaris
2007 The Impact of Grazing and Land Reclamation on Natural Plant Biodiversity in Al-Fara’a Area Ammar Gazi Mahmoud Salahat
2006 Biological Control of Gray Mold, Blue Mold & Rhizopus Soft Rot on Grape, Pear, Kiwi, Strawberry by Trichoderma Harzianum Odeh, Mohammed Ibrahiem Ahmad
2006 Development of the Environmental Impact Assessment Methodology in Accordance with the Development and Needs Environmental of the Palestinian Society Riyad Hamed Yousef Amer
2006 Technical Evaluation for the Re-use of Wastewater Wafa' Kareem Said barham
2005 Biological Control of Rhizoctonia Solani and Sclerotium Rolfsii by Using Local Isolates of Trichoderma Spp Fadel Abed Al-Fattah Abed Al-Aziz Al-Mahareeq