Engineering Management

Year Title Authors
2013 Status and Challenges of Total Quality Management Application in Selected Palestinian Chemical Industries Deema Rabaya
2013 Strategic Framework for a Successful E-commerce in Palestine Deema Walid Ghaleb Qadri
2013 The Strategic Planning of Human Resources In the Palestinian Academic Institutes (An-Najah National University as a study case) Sami Sameer Sadder
2012 (The Development of Risk Management Model for Palestinian Mobile Communication Companies "Jawwal & Wataneyeh Case Study") Ahmad Ma'zouz Al-Haj Ali
2012 Assessment of Technology Management Practices in Large Manufacturing Firms in Palestine Ramziyeh Ismael
2012 Construction Contracts in Palestine from Engineering and Legal Perspectives Minnat-Allah Salem Saqfelhait
2012 Continuity Management The Palestinian Health Care Sector Asma’ Ibrahim Khere Samara
2012 Decision Making in the Selection of the Exterior Walls Techniques in Affordable Housing Buildings in Palestine Hanan Lutfe Abed-Allateef Muhsen
2012 Evaluating the Benefits of Using Sales Force Automation Technology in the Palestinian Commercial Firms Mohammad Hassan
2012 Factors Affecting Transfer of Training within the work environment from the perception of workers in Palestinian Government Hospitals Bashar Ahmed Naji Saleh
2012 PALTEL Data Services Franchise Ibrahim Nabhan Salman
2012 Service Delivery Process Improvements for IT-based Organizations Qutaybah Adel Khwayrah
2012 Solid Waste Management in the West Bank: Institutional, Legal, Financial Assessment and Framework Development Bilal Radi Abdel Ghani Soufan
2012 The Development of Risk Management Model for Palestinian Mobile Communication Companies "Jawwal & Wataneyeh Case Study"
2012 The impact of IS/IT strategy and business strategy alignment on business performance in the Palestinians firms Mohammad Helaly
2012 Training Needs of Engineers School Teachers In The West Bank Industrial Schools Raed Musa Samieh Al Jammal
2011 Adopting a Competency Based Human Resource Management System in Palestine Cellular Communication LTD-JAWWAL Enas Hamzi Mohammad Hijazeh
2011 Analysis of Project Management Practices in Public Sector in West Bank "Ministry of Public Works & Housing" Sajeda Rashed Janem
2011 Developing a Methodology for Technology Identification and Selection in Telecommunication Industry / Paltel Group as a Case Study Roba Osama "Mohammad Rohi " Zalmot
2011 Developing Strategic Business Plan for an ISP Among a New Opened Competition and Newly Applied Model of Bit Stream Access (BSA): Hadara Case Study Jamal Abd Al-Kareem Abdullah Yousef
2011 E-Banking Adoption Model in Palestine Ahmed Hatem Khrewesh
2011 Evaluating the Supply Chain Management System on Palestinian Companies Ahmad Bassam Ahmad Abdallah
2011 In Search for a Model: Planning with Community Participation in the Palestinian Novelty Municipalities Sami Nayef Qasem Khalifa
2011 Infrastructure Security, A Total Defense Strategy: By Active/Passive Attribute Analysis & Mediating Technology Synthesis Nabeeh Hatim Hasan Jum'ah
2011 Integrated Manufacturing System Design For food production Facilities in Palestine Abdallah Jamal Dweekat