Engineering Management

Year Title Authors
2011 Maintenance Management Model For Local Municipal Services Sa'ed Esma'el Hamdi Abu-Zanet
2011 Opportunities and Challenges of Open-source Initiatives in the Palestinian E-Government Program Fadi Husam Souqia
2011 Project Management for Construction Projects Hidaya Said Ali Najmi
2011 Service Delivery Process Improvements for IT-based Organization Qotaibah Adel Lotfi Khoerh
2011 Software Development Process Improvement for Small Palestinian Software Development Companies Asem Bassam Mahmoud Isawi
2011 Solid Waste Management in the West Bank Institutional, Legal, Financial Assessment and Framework Development Belal Radi Sofan
2011 Strategic Analysis and Development of Electronic Government Strategies For the Palestinian Municipalities Nebal Odeh Yousef Abu-Jaber
2011 The Reasons Behind the Success or Failure of Investment Projects in Palestine Abd Al-Rahmman Mohammad Abd Al-Rahmman Sawaefah
2011 Towards E-Municipality in the Palestinian Territories Qalqilia Municipality As a Case Study Ahmad Abdel Mon’em M. AL Nammourh
2011 Training Needs of Engineers School Teachers in the Palestinian Vocation of Schools Raed Mosa Sameh Mahmoud Jamal
2011 Transportation Strategic Planning Under Uncertainty: The Palestinian Case Reema Reyad Bdair
2010 Analysis of Project Management Practices in Public Sector in Palestine "Ministry of Public Works & Housing" Sajedah Rashed Moustafa Janem
2010 Cost plus Contracts Used in Palestine From an Engineering and a Legal Perspective Menah Allah Salem Hamdi Sakf Al-Haet
2010 Decision Making in the Selection of the Proper Construction Techniques in Palestine Hanan Loutfi Abd Al-lteef Mohssen
2010 E-Banking Adoption Model in Palestine Ahmed Hatem Khrewesh
2010 Infrastructure Security, a Total Defense Strategy: by Active / Passive Attribute Analysis & Mediating Technology Synthesis Nabeh Hatem Hasan Jomah
2010 Software Development Process Improvemeat in Small Palestinian Software Development Companies Asem Bassam Mahmoud Issawi
2010 Status and Challenges of Total Quality Management Application in Palestinian Chemical Industries Dema Faesal Fayad Rabayah
2009 E-Municipality Requirements in the West Bank (Palestine) - Qalqilia Municipality as a Case Study Ahmad Abdel-Men'em mohamad Al-Namoura
2009 Evaluation of MIS Role in Palestinian Organizations Mais Atef Najeeb Abdel-Haleem
2009 Opportunities and Challenges of Open-Source Initiatives in the Palestinian E-government Program Fadi Husam Ameen Soukiya
2009 Paltel Data Services Franchise Ebraheem Nabhan Mahmoud Salman