Engineering Management

Year Title Authors
2017 Framework for the Adoption of Cloud Computing in Palestinian Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Technology Mahmoud Younes
2017 The Impact of Social Network Analysis On the Palestinian Telecom Industry, Jawwal -Palestine Wael Khalil Abu Rezeq
2016 Agile Project Management Practices in Palestinian IT Companies: A Managerial Framework Abdalla Jaber Abdalla Alhroub
2016 Assessing Green Human Resources Management Practices in West Bank: An Exploratory Study Hiba Awad Masri
2016 Assessing the Impact of Work Stress on the Performance of the Palestinian Transportation Ministry’s Staff in West Bank Mahran Ibrahim Quzah
2016 Effect of Snow Fall on Steel Structures in the West Bank- Risk Assessment Study Nour Nidal Samaro
2016 Employing a Descriptive Model to Assess E-learning Readiness of Palestinian Public Secondary Schools Rami Waleed Kamel Issa
2016 Identification of Challenges Facing Public Construction Industry in Palestine Framework to deal with them Hanan Ahmad Taha
2016 Improvement of Available Medical Services Quality for Thalassemia Patients in Palestine Aishah Atweh
2016 Improving the court's performance in Palestine concerning the time spent until the case disposition Darweesh Darweesh
2016 Optimization Models in Green Supply Chain Management Issa Asrawi
2016 Outsourcing Risk Management and Success Factors in Palestinian ICT Companies Wejdan Ziad Shaheen
2016 Strengthening University – Industry Collaboration in Palestine via Technology and KnowledgeTransfer Ass’ad Albydah
2016 Towards Enhancement of Lean Practices in the West Bank Construction Industry Wathiq Mohammed Abu Obaid
2015 A Framework for e-Learning Acceptance: A Case Study of the Palestinian Universities Fareed Sameer Al-Syyed
2015 A Proposed Model for Multi-Level Strategic Development Planning in Palestine Tasbeeh Izzat Omar Khayyat
2015 Assessing Innovation Practices in Project Management: The case of Palestinian Construction Projects Rawan Khader Ghaben
2015 Assessing the Impact of Change OrdersIn Construction Engineering Sector In The West Bank Mujahed M. Staiti
2015 Assessment of Delay Causes of Construction Projects in Palestine Nihal Jawad Albatsh
2015 Assessment of Multimedia Based Blended Learning Engineering Courseware at An-Najah National University Walaa Ghassan Johari
2015 Challenges in the Implementation of Quality Management in the Construct Sector in Palestineion Maysoon Hesham Syaj
2015 Cloud Computing in the Palestinian Public Sector, Opportunities and Challenges Shaher Yousef Fadel Jabi
2015 Developing Risk Management Model for the Palestinian Insurance Sector Muthaffar Nazmi Ahmad Mansour
2015 Enhancing Organizational Resilience: The Case of Palestinian Islamic Banking Sector Mohamed Mahmoud Fareed Abo Alrob
2015 Integrating Human Factors into Green Logistics Lana “Mohammad Amin” Shahbari