Identification of Challenges Facing Public Construction Industry in Palestine Framework to deal with them

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Dr. Abd Al Fattah Shamleh / Supervisor
Dr. Suhail Sultan / External Examiner
Dr. Mohammed Othman / Internal Examiner
Dr. Abd Al Fattah Shamleh / Supervisor
Hanan Ahmad Taha
The nature of public construction projects (PCP) in Palestine has a special situation, according to its political and topographical and stakeholder's complexity in their demand for getting efficient projects that could be beneficial for the public users. Palestine suffers from many problems affecting the performance that could be in its main component; cost, time and quality. Since the development of this sector and its major contribution to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Palestine, the importance of this study come through identifying the challenges facing these projects during their life cycle that required a high sense of management discernment, capabilities, skills and strategies to tackle and clarifying the ways to deal with. To achieve its objective the mixed research method was adapted in this research. Where the designed questionnaire was distributed to the construction practitioners (stakeholders and professionals) within West Bank as a sample study to represent Palestine zone, and will focus on public types and through several governmental organizations. Besides that, the researcher has conducted some interviews with the key stakeholders of construction industry. 350 questionnaires were distributed to get an obvious picture about these challenges. The major challenges related to health and safety, time, and quality that faces Public Construction industry (PCI) in Palestine were discussed in this research. A theoretical framework is developedto get a deeper level of understanding about implementing best management practice, by minimizing the problems with using the maximum resources and opportunities to make construction management more efficient and responsive in PCP in West Bank. The recommendations introduce some solution for practitioners by acquiring the right skills and apply appropriate management strategies in managing construction projects.
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