Image of Ali bin Abi Talib, in the book ( Ansab al-Ashraf ) of Ahmad bin Yahya Albalathry (d. 279 AH / 892 AD) Historical Study Methodology

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Dr. Adnan Mohamed Melhem
Zuhour Abd Elghani Abdalhmeed Turk
Albalathry Ahmad bin Yahya bin Jabir (d. 279 AH / 892 AD),who was known as Abu Jaafar, was born in Baghdad before the end of the second century AH. He had an Arabic origins, some of the Historians said that he had Persian origins, his family had a good social Position because it was belonged to the Writers Class .He worked in the field of writing , Poetry , Novels ,News and Genealogy. He began his education as a Child and he was taught by many of scholars,Historians , and readers of Al Quran. Then he moved between many of the scientific centers in his hometown ( The Iraq) ,The Sham( Syria,Lebanon , Jordan and Palestine ) and The Rabadha. He wrote six Books: (Kitab Futuh al-Buldan ), (Kitab al-Buldan alsagher ), (Kitab al- Buldan al-kabeer), (Kitab Ahd Archer), (Kitab Al-rad Ala al-shuobia) and (ansab al-Ashraf) . He had a very good relations with the Abassys Khalifas like Al-Maamon the son of Haroon al Rashid (d. 218 H / 833 AD) and Al-Mutawakil the son of al-Mutasim alrashid (d. 274 H / 861 AD). but he had a very bad finance Situation in the Time of Al Khalifa Almu’tamed the son of Al-Mutawakil (d. 279 H / 892 AD) because of the deteriorating conditions of the Caliphate and the bankruptcy of its Treasury. Albalthry was distinguished than the other historians that his books included most of the historical novels that made the life of Ali bin Abi Taleb, from birth until his death. I studied the researcher roots of his sources and their source, and the aim of all this to paint an accurate picture of Ali, as it was contained in the book " Ansab al-Ashraf " (the subject of the study). Albalathry took the life of Ali and his origin, he stated that his name is Ali bin Abi Talib, and he referred him to the Prophet Ismail peace be upon him. His Nickname is Abu al-Hassan, his mother is Fatima bint Asad. And he had 5 Brothers and sisters , 10 wives including 3 female slaves , and he had 37 sons and daughters. He was described as Brown , bald , heavy-eyed, large beard, broad shoulders, and he had a huge muscles in his arms and legs, big abdomen,he was closer to be short than being tall. About his Morals description he was patient , abstinent, modest and brave . And he talked about how did Ali convert the Islam and that he was from the first People who got to the Islam and Prayed . and he was intellectual and had a huge amount of Knowledge in Al-Quran , Al-Sunnah, Duties and judiciary. He was Killed by the Kharijites in (40 H / 660 AD) Albuladhira position to take when the Prophet Mohammed and the strength of the relationship that Albalathry talked in his book about Ali’s Position for the Prophet Mohammed peace upon him and how strength was the relation between them especially that he was grown up between Prophet Mohammed’s Hands , therefore he got a special position for Prophet Mohammed more than anyone else . And Albalathry talked about the participation of Ali with the Prophet Mohammed in all the battles and attacks except Tabuk because Prophet Mohammed left him in his Place in Al-Madena , and he retained to him the leadership of many battles. And had a role in stabilizing the foundations of Islam, so he redeem the prophet- peace be upon him- by himself when he immigrate to Medina, also he returned the deposits to their owner, and solve Khalid ibn Al-Waleed’s problem(d. 21H / 642AD) with Al- Jutheima Tribe in (8 AH / 629 AD),the thing that make The prophet feel happy. And Albalathry cared to review the attitude of Ali from the succession of Abu Bakr (d. 13H / 634AD),that he didn’t accept the succession of abu Bakr directly, because abu Bakr denied the succession of Ali and he got it . and because Abu Bakr deprive Fatim the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed from the inheritance. He talked about the position of Ali on the succession of Umar bin al-Khattab (d 23H/643AD) and he reviewed the consult from Omar in the religious matters only. He showed the Anger of Ali when he knew what happenedand the events of the Shura Council and its results. Which made him realize the unwillingness of Omar for him to get the succession . About the succession of Ali , the Albalathry stated Ali’s unwillingness to himself as Kalifa and that he Presented Talha bin Obeid-Allah (d. 36 H/ 656 AD), but Talha refused.and the insistence of the Muslims that the succession must be for Ali, therefore he accepted but the oath of allegiance (Al-Bay'ah) should be in the Mosque. And Albalathry displayed the oath of allegiance (Al-Bay'ah) and who was with and against Ali to be the Khalifa. And Albalathry reviewed the attitude of Ali of the criticism directed against Othman and his continued attempts to advise Othman until he got angry from him and he criticized him because Othman of the failure to fulfill his Promises to the People in the new Islamic Cities (Al-Amsar) .and he talked about the refusal of Ali for the siege and the Murder of Othman. And Albalathary Talked about the attitude of Ali in the Battle of the Camel (ma’raket al jamal) (36H/656AD) and he condemned the People who was against Ali in that Battle and he explained that the love of taking control , to rule and the Finance greed was the cause to be against Ali, and he talked about Ali’s Attempting to prevent the fight and to solve the Problem , but he didn’t succeed . Albalathry cared a lot to view and mentioned on the role of Ali in the Battle of Siffin (37H/ 657AD), and Ali’s Attempts to convince Mua’wiya to pledge allegiance to him , but failed because of the insistence of Muawiya to stay as the ruler of Al-Sham. Albalathry showed that the arbitration was the reason of arising of Al Kharijites who supported at first the cessation of hostilities and the arbitration of Al-Quran, then they refused it , and they called Ali to repent from it and then they were away from him and they fought him.
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