Abdul-Aziz Bin Marwan (27 AH \ 649 AD - 85 AH \ 707 AD) - Historical, Analytical Study

Discussion Committee: 
Prof. Jamal Juda
Dalal Mohammad Anes Mesleh
The study examined an important Umayyad personality that belongs to the Marwani house who is Abdul Aziz Ebn Marwan and this person appeared when the Narwani's took over the Islamic Caliphate, he had a role to consolidate power in the western past of the Islamic state whereas he was appointed ruler of Egypt, and continued ruling for twenty years. Abdul Aziz Ebn Marwan belongs to Abed Shams Ben Abd Manaf Ben Qusay Ben Kalab, one of the sons of Quraish Masters who are Banu Abd Elmanaf (Banu Hashim, Banu Abd Shams,Banu Elmutaleb and Banu Noufal), they had all worked to raise the status of Quraish commercially and religiously which helped them to obtain the leadership of Quraish by uniting and Pilgrimage. Banu Abd Shams who Abdul Aziz Ebn Marwan Belongs to played an important role in leading Quraish for the Arab through their doings, so they became powerful masters and leaders, and appeared on the scene of sovereignty and honor Umya Ebn Abd Shams Aby Ala'as and Alhakam, who ruled until the advent of Islam, he had the qualifications of leadership, and in Islam Marwan Ben Al-hakam the son of Abdul Aziz who played a role in highlighting the role of Bany Ummaya after Mecca's conquest, he was close to Uthman Ben Afan until he became shaikh Bany Umayyah and one of it's leaders in the late Rasheedah period and during the Sufyanyah period in this historic momentum and the role played by Marwan in policy his son Abdul Aziz Ebn Marwan grew and was raised in the house of the royal family in Medina, And he was known for his interest in naorating Hadeth of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him tell he was considered from the third layer of personnel as he was also known for his love for science, literature and poets sitting and when his father took over the Caliphate he involved his son Abdul Aziz to eliminate Ebn Al Zubayer and appointed him covenant after his brother and entrusted him with the task of supervision on the western flank of the State of the Caliphate (Egypt and Africa) by ruling Egypt. And he also played an important role in establishing the roots of islam in Egypt and to rise with it in Economic, social and political fields and he was also known for his tolerance with the people of Egypt from the Copts, adding to this the conquest movement in North Africa through supervising over them and appointing the leaders with experience. Abdul Aziz took over the mandate of Egypt for twenty years, and the most important things that were accompanied through his term (65AH- 85AH), the appearance of the crises of treasury because of the conversion of Ahel AlThema into Islam and the expansion of Arab monarchies at the expense of the land of the abscess not to mention the immigration of farmers away from their lands because of the attraction of the cities and large taxes. So Abdul Aziz Ebn Marwan under the guidance of his brother the Caliphate to solve these problems and reforming taxes and administrative issues in Egypt. And Abdul Aziz also worked on recovering the economical life in Egypt by caring for encouraging internal and external trade, and he also participated in building lots of Qusaryat in AL fustat and Helwan and that had positive effects on Egypt's treasury what was obtained from the taxis of trade that was sent to the house of treasury. Big economical potential was shown for Abdul Aziz Ebn Marwan and there is no harm in that being one of the members of the royal family, he had the land in Hijaz and Al Sham before being a ruler of Egypt, He had increased his financial potential in Egypt by purchasing new land by buying or the revival of the disused or building trading markets.
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