Management of Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater Using Lumped Parameter Models

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Mohammad N. Almasri - Supervisor
Dr. Anan Jayyousi - Internal Examiner
Dr. Numan Mizyed - InternalExaminer
Dr. Amal Alhudhud - External Examiner
Dr. Mohammad N. Almasri
Lubna "Mohammad Nayef" Abdullah Hajhamad
Many regions all over the world depend entirely on groundwater resources for various uses. Nitrate contamination of ground water can cause methemoglobinemia. Evidence indicates that nitrate levels routinely exceeded the maximum contamination level (MCL) of 10 mg/L NO3-N in 90 percent of the water supply wells in the Gaza costal aquifer (GCA). In addition, elevated nitrate concentrations are encountered in Gaza city and Jabalia camp (GCJC). In order to simulate the occurrences of nitrate contamination in GCJC area, a single-cell model was developed. This model was employed to study different management options and to determine their efficiency in decreasing the nitrate contamination in the study area for a specified time horizon. Main findings of the research showed that there is an emerging need to manage the nitrate contamination problem in the groundwater of the study area and single management options are not effective when considered individually. As such, the combination of management options ought to be considered if nitrate concentration to drop below the MCL.
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