Evaluation of the Water Resources of the Jericho District with Emphasis on Appropriate Design of Skimming Wells

Discussion Committee: 
Dr.Anan Jayyousi
Dr.Amjad Aliewi
Dr. Hafez Shaheen
Dr. Amer Mor'i
Dr. Anan Jayyousi
Khaled Moh'd Taher Nassereddin
The existence of fresh groundwater overlying saline water in groundwater systems is widespread in many inland aquifers as well as in most coastal aquifers. These fresh groundwater lenses are a vital water resource where other surface and subsurface resources of water are not sufficient. Therefore, it is important to understand how to economically extract the maximum amount of fresh water from the aquifer whilst preventing the mixing of both fresh and saline waters. Jericho district as other part of the West Bank suffers from water scarcity, and at the same time from the phenomenon of salt water intrusion. Drought and heavy exploitation in the district have led the water table to decline and salt water intrusion and upconing near some of the wells in the area. An understanking of the res[onse of the saline movement under a discharge well is required for the safe explotation of a layer of limited thickness overlaying saline groundwater. This study provides a better understanding of the saline water movement under a discharge well using the data for well No.13-19/081 ( with respect to the West Bank Water Department numbering scheme). Sensitivity analyses were carried out on each of the primary desigh limits of the discharge well using the finite difference simulation model RASIM. A criterion for the design of the discharge wells in the district has been established in order to achieve optimal fresh water recovery from them
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