Techno-economic Analysis of Using Solar Energy, Diesel and Electrical Networks for Water Pumping in The West Bank

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Imad Ibrik / Supervisor
Dr. Samer Alsa'di / External Examiner
Dr. Waleed Al kukhun / Internal Examiner
Dr. Imad H. Ibrik
Dyana Saleem Asa’d Salah
Abstract This thesis describes the technical and economic analysis of using solar energy, diesel and electricity for water pumping in the West Bank. The target area in this research, is the north of west bank; where groundwater is the main source of water for the population, especially farmers. First the nature of groundwater in the region was examined in terms of depth, static and dynamic head , water pumping rate , and the used water pumping system ,the system studied are ones powered by diesel. Information was collected via questionnaire for farmers. Other information was gathered from international experiences in this field to know the optimum configuration for this region. Data collected from the field have been used as input for Excel program that built to deal with solar system . The economic analysis were done using Excel program to investigate the feasibility analysis and cash flows from the use of various energy sources in order to pump water . Three configurations for solar water pumping system were studied in this thesis; AC solar water pumping with storage battery , AC solar water pumping with storage tank , and DC direct solar water pumping. The cost of kilo watt hour produced from each configuration were calculated and compared with that produced by using diesel generator. The calculated cost per kilo-watt hour for all configurations of solar water pumping system were in the range 0.2 $ -0.5 $ , while the average calculated cost per kilo-watt hour for diesel generator was 0.46 $, and 0.18 $ for expansion of electrical net work. The cost of water pumped using PV system was between 0.01 $ - 0.19 $ per cubic meter ,compared to 1.07 $ per cubic meter water pumping by diesel generator, and 0.031 $ by expansion of electrical net work .
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