The Impact of Self-Dent Learning Strategy on the Student's Achievement from the Government Secondary School Teacners' Perspectives in Tulkarm District

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ahmad Awad- Supervisor
Dr. Fawaz Aqel- Second Supervisor
Dr. Samir Rammal- External Examiner
Dr. Fayez Aqel- Internal Examiner
Dr. Ahmad Awad
Dr. Fawaz Aqel
Laila Mohammed Ahmed Saleem
The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of self-learning strategy on the learners' achievement from the public secondary school English teachers’ perspectives in Tulkarm Governorate. The study examines the role of teachers' variables (gender, qualification, and years of experience.) in the degree of self-learning strategy impact on the learner's achievement. To achieve the purpose of the study, the researcher chose a sample, which is the whole population of the study, using the descriptive statistical method. It consists of 76 male and female teachers in governmental schools in Tulkarm Governorate. The researcher developed and administered a 40- item, four- domain questionnaire to the sample of the study. The four domains are reading skills, listening skills, writing skills and speaking skills. The results of the study shows that self-learning strategy has a significant degree of impact on the learner's achievement. Furthermore, the results reveal that the first rank is for the reading skill, the second rank is for the listening skill, the third rank is for the speaking skill and the fourth rank is for the writing skill. The results also show that there are significant differences in male teachers' perspectives towards the impact of the self learning strategy on the learners’ achievement in listening, speaking, and writing skills and total score for all domains, while female teachers' perspective is better than males in the reading skill. For the qualification variable, the total score shows that the highest mean was for the M.A. and the B.A. and the lowest mean is for the diploma holders. Lastly, for experience variable, the total score showed that the highest mean is for those who have five years of experience and less, then for those who have 6-10 years of experience, then those who have more than 15 years and the lowest mean is for those who had 11-15 years of experience. In the light of the findings of the study, the researcher recommends designing training programs for teachers and learners to effectively enhance self-learning. The researcher also suggests conducting further studies in the same field in different regions.
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