Plant Production

Year Title Authors
2016 The effect of harvesting date on the oil chemical properties of Nabali baladi olive cultivar Nihad Said Qasid Ibrahem
2015 Morphological and Agronomic Traits Characterization of Local Durum Wheat (Triticum turgadum var. durum) Varieties Under Different Environmental Conditions in Palestine Nasser Mohammad Mahmoud Abbadi
2013 Genetic Diversity within Ancient Olives (Olea europaea L.) Mohammed Yousef Jaber
2013 In Vitro Regeneration of Local Chickpea Varieties in Palestine Rozan Irfan Al-Tanbouz
2013 In Vitro Regeneration of selected local Tomato Cultivars in Palestine Fedaa Hazem Jamous
2013 Salinity Management for Barley Productionin Brackish and Treated Effluent Irrigated Agricultural Systems Maher Abd Allah Ahmed Salahat
2012 Effect of Irrigating Pearl Millet with Treated Grey Water Raslan Hassan Aziz Shanableh
2012 Evaluation of Agricultural Water Management Options in the Lower Jordan Valley – Palestine Using "WEAP" Hazem Shuqair
2012 Morphological and Genetical Characterisation of the main Palestinian olive (Olea europaea L.) cultivars Ramiz Jawad Omar
2012 Performance of Watermelon Grafted onto Different Rootstocks Hashem Derdah Ahmed Ali
2012 Phenotypic characterization of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) landraces grown in Palestine Talal Hassan Mosa Al Barri
2012 Resistance of Some Tomato Species to Orobanche Aegyptiaca (Comparative study) Mohammad Suleiman Sawafta
2011 Identification Of Resistant Sources To Leaf Rust and Powdery Mildew Disease in Oats Omar Issam Abed Allah Abu Baker
2011 Performance of Watermelon Grafted Onto Different Rootstocks Hashem Derdah Ahmed Ali
2010 Genetic diversity in Ancient Olives \"Olea Europaea L.\" in Palestine Mohammad Yousef Mohammad Gaber
2010 Irrigation of Fodder Crops with Treated Wastewater Rslan Hasan Aziz Shnablah
2009 Characterization of New Sources of Resistance to Foliar Diseases in a Palestinian Collection of Vicia Faba Talal Hassan Musa Barry
0 Identification of Resistant to sources againsleaf rust and powdery mildew disease in Oats Omar Isam Abdllah Abu-Baker
0 In Vitro Cloning of Citrus Rootstocks Ramz Jawad Abd El-Kareem Omar