Law - Private Law

Year Title Authors
2017 Extension of Lease(Islamic Fiqh and the Jordanian Landlords and Tenants Ordinance: A Comparative Study Abdelrahman "Mohammad Rayeq" Ahmed Abusalha
2017 Legal protection of Neighboring rights of copyright in Palestine Ashraf Yaser Ateya Taha
2017 Legal Regulation for Stay of Proceedings in Civil Lawsuits Mabarah Salam Zagha
2017 The assignment of the intellectual property rightsA Comparative study Fawaz Yousef Kayed Maari
2017 The Legal Nature of the Temporary Enforcement Disputes "A Comparative Study" Haneen Mohamad Mahmood Abdullah
2016 Opposition in the Fulfillment of the Check in Accordance with the Provision of the Trade Act of Jordan (12) for the Year (1966) Sami Taha Suliman Jazmah
2016 Priority debts in the Palestinian legal system Majeda Ahmad Saa’d Zakarneh
2016 The Legal Regulation of Domain Names Wisam Amer Shaker Sodah
2015 "The effects of the adoption of the civil constructionsContract (FIDIC) 1999 , as a source of legal regulation of the relationship of the parties in Palestine Nader Khair Hasan Bani Fadel
2015 Law Applicable To Movable Immovable and Moral Properties Radi Nabieh Radi Alawnih
2015 Legal and Practical Reality of Checks " Comparable Study " Qusai Jihad Mohammad Qararieh
2015 Physical injury compensation in civil law/A comparative study Ammar Mahmoud Iseeedeh
2015 Privacy of Legal Regulation of the Sale at Profit Contract for the Purchaser Nida’ Khalid Ali Sabri
2015 Rights and Obligations for Floor and Flats Ownesrs in the Palestinian law "Comparative Study" Faris Marwan Nasuh Bazian
2015 The Civil Responsibility of the Lawyer for breach of Professional Duties. Subject and procedural in Palestinian Legislative system Sai'da Jamal Hossein Wild Ali
2015 The Privacy of the Non Owner Occupancy Law Suits Gadeer Fouzi Husain Anabousi
2014 Denial of Debts Bonds Pertinent To Money In Palestinian Execution Law No. (23) For The Year (2005) Mohammad Sameer Khader
2014 Governance of insurance companies in Palestine Assess the Current Situation and the Requirements for) Updating-"A Comparative Study") Samah Mahmoud Najem
2014 Revocable Judgments Before the Cassation Court Jamelh AbdoIssa Abdullah
2014 The Summery of the Research about "The Legal Conditions of Palestinian Workers in Israel" Ga'far Afif Mohammad Sharqia
2013 Increases and decreases in Sales'' Comparative Study" Mohammad omar tawfiq kmail
2013 Legal protection of the new plant varieties Mohammad Mahmoud Mohammad Ghali
2013 No- Objection in Palestinian Civil Procedure Khaled Ismail Rashid Saleh
2013 Problems of Confiscation of the Immovables and Execution on Their Selling, According to the Rules of the Palestinian Executive Law Du’a Badri Shaheen
2013 The Legal Effects of declaring bankruptcy on the rights of creditors of the bankrupt"A Comparative Study" Ahmed Malik Ahmed Abdul Rahim