Graduate Studies - Public Health

Year Title Authors
2016 Determinants of Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease in Nablus Marah Abdel Gaffar Abusalha
2016 Environmental Exposure Assessment of Cadmium, Lead, Copper and Zinc in Different Palestinian Canned Food Ghadeer Ghassan Sayeh
2016 Evaluation of Governmental School Canteens in Nablus District / West Bank-2015 Ala’a Almasri
2016 Evaluation of Medication Dosing Errors in Outpatient Pediatrics in Primary Health Care Centers in Nablus City Ghader Al Shareef
2016 Knowledge, Attitudes, and Adherence to Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Transmission Prevention Among Health Care Workers Lina Odeh Hanna Herimat
2016 Parents' Experience during the Diagnostic Process of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the West Bank A Descriptive Phenomenological Study Nagham Taslaq
2016 Risk Factors Associated With Cesarean Sections In Jenin, Palestine, 2015 Descriptive Study Lina Hassan Zaidan
2015 Assessment of Data Quality for Maternal and Child Health Department at Primary Health Care Directorate-Tulkarm Tamara Sameer Rafiq Awwad
2015 Body Perceptions and Weight Control Behaviors among An-Najah National University female Students, 2015 Watan Majid Nazzal
2015 Evaluation of the Health Education Program for Diabetic Patients at UNRWA Clinics in the Northern West Bank Rana Dawod Abdallah Abu Samra
2015 Prevalence of Early Childhood Caries and Associated Risk Factors among Preschool Children in Nablus City, Palestine Suad Ayed Saed Samara
2015 Water-Pipe Smoking and Associated Factors among An-Najah National University Students Mai Abu Al-Halaweh
2014 Determinant of Neonatal Mortality in Palestine - 2012 (Northern West Bank) Rawya Ibrahim Issa Lahaseh
2014 Erb's Palsy in Jenin District: Prevalence and Risk Factors Laiali Aiosh
2014 Evaluation of Primary Health Care Physicians’ and Nurses’ performance for WHO PEN protocol for cardiovascular diseases applied in Salfit district, Palestine Sanabel Suhail Ahmad Afana
2014 Medication Beliefs, Adherence, and LDL-C Level among Statin Users at Al-Rahma clinic in Nablus City Khaled J. Qadah
2014 Medication errors: Nurse's Perceptions of main types and leading factors, and reporting attitudes in North West Bank Governmental Hospitals. Rana Abdelrazaq Lutfi Al-Sarawan
2014 Prevalence of Postpartum Depression among Recently Delivering Mothers in Nablus District and Its Associated Factors Khubaib Ammar Ayoub
2013 (Determinants of Neonatal Mortality in West Bank – Palestine 2011) Raouyah Ebrahem Essa Al-lahseh
2013 Diarrheagenic Escherichia coli Prevalence and Related Factors Among Children, Jenin Governorate Rawan Amin Taher Abu-Alhoof
2013 Estimation of 10- year probability bone fracture using WH Mai B. Aker
2013 Evaluation of Darkroom Disease Symptoms among Radiographers in the West Bank Hospitals, Palestine. Yaser Mahmoud Nazzal
2013 Indoor Exposure Assessment and Health Hazard of Radon in the Elementary Schools of Tulkarem Province, Palestine Khaled Bassam Yousef Mallah
2013 Knowledge and Practice of Standard Precaution and Sharp Injures among Nurses in the Northern West Bank Hospitals; Palestine Bushra Jamal Almurr
2013 Risk factors of Hepatitis B Transmission in North West Bank: A Case-Control study Inam Mohammad Sobuh