Water-Pipe Smoking and Associated Factors among An-Najah National University Students

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Samar Musmar / Supervisor
Dr. Zaher Nazzal / Co-Supervisor
Dr. Nuha El-Sharif / External Examiner
Dr. Hamzeh Al-Zabadi / Internal Examiner
Dr. Samar Musmar / Supervisor
Dr. Zaher Nazzal / Co-Supervisor
Mai Abu Al-Halaweh
Rationale and objectives: Lately, in many Middle Eastern countries, water-pipe smoking has become widely used especially among university and high school students of both genders. Reports show that the prevalence of water-pipe smoking among Palestinian youth (school students) is increasing dramatically in the last years, whereas data that focuses on the prevalence and pattern of water-pipe smoking alone among Palestinian university students is missed. The aim of this study was to determine the factors affecting water-pipe smoking among students at An-Najah National University. Methods: After evaluation for the reliability and validity of a self-administered questionnaire; it was administered to a representative sample of An-Najah National University (all disciplines, males and females, all classes). The questionnaire included items addressing demographics, water-pipe use patterns, motives, beliefs and knowledge; as well as psychological and social determinants of water-pipe smoking. Data was analyzed using descriptive methods and relationships applying univariate analysis and logistic regression were used. Results: Overall 22.8% of the study sample was current water-pipe smokers, and this rate was higher among males than females (35.5% versus 11.5%). In logistic regression analysis, sex (male), type of college (humanities), older age and negative social norms and negative beliefs toward water-pipe smoking contribute to this behavior. Low level of knowledge regarding adverse health effects of water-pipe use were predictors of current smoking status. Enjoying the taste of water-pipe and the relaxation feeling coming from its use were the main motives that drive students to smoke. Conclusion: Water-pipe smoking is common among An-Najah National University students and should be of great concern. Therefore, future efforts are needed toward struggling water-pipe
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