Abu- Dib 's Translation of Orientalism: A Critical Study

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Nabil A'lawi- Supervisor
Dr. Abedlkarim Daragmah- Co-Supervisor
Dr. Hannah Tushiyeh- Exterior Examiner
Dr. Ruqaia Hirzallah- Interior Examiner
Dr. Mhamad Jawad An-Nori- Interior Examiner
Dr. Nabil A'lawi
Dr. Abdelkarim Daragmah
Nadia Ali Khalil Hamad
Despite the flourishing movement of translation in the Arab world throughout the 20th century, few studies, if any, were produced, as hoc, on criticism and evaluation of such translations. Among these translations, the translation of Edward W. Said's Orientalism deserves special attention: it was translated into 36 languages including Arabic. The Arabic translation by the famous poet, critic and translator, Kamal Abu-Dib, was reprinted many times after its first edition in 1981. yet, concern was shown regarding some problems in the translation of this excellent work by some readers and translators. Drawing on the progress, achieved in the last few decades, in linguistics studies, especially in text-linguistics and related studies in translation, this study aims to ascertain salient problems in the Arabic translation of Orientalism, on the graphical, lexical, syntactic, semantic and pragmatic levels, and to suggest solutions where possible. The study will also investigate the consistency of the methodology adopted by the translator, evaluated the translation, and give recommendations that may benefit new Arabic editions of the book and Arabic translation, in general.
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