Trends of Physical Development of Qabatiya Town in the Light its Spatial Relation with the Surrounding Settlments

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ziad Senan
Dr. Ali Abdel Hamid
Mustafa Rashid Mohammed Mustafa
Being in a very close location to Jenin city, by time the town of Qabatiya lacked good regional relationships with the neighboring cities and villages. Transportation network, between Qabatiya and the surrounding population gatherings, is in a very bad condition and in incompetent state. In addition to lacking regional services in different if not most sectors. The thing which affected construction expansion enormously. The purpose of the study is to analyze the spatial relation of Qabatiya and the surrounding population gatherings. The method of study depends on applying a number of theories and models of spatial interactions. Also the study discusses the consequences of the relation of location and its impact on trends of physical development. And the final focus of the study is discussing the demographic, social, and economical and transportation conditions of the area of study. For this end, the thesis was classified into seven main chapters. The first, deals with the problem of study, methodology, previous literature and terminology. The second, studies the most important theoretical concepts of Regional Planning & spatial interactions and the relation between city and village. The third chapter contains a comprehensive study of the area of study (Qabatiya and its district) geographically, demographically, economical administratively and about its services. While the fourth, discusses the status of physical development & land uses, to deduce the actual Planning conditions currently. The fifth, analyzes regional and spatial relations by applying the most important theories and models of spatial interactions, and the communications measures between Qabatiya and its neighbors. Most of these models, theories, and measures emphasized the central importance of Qabatiya in the area of study. The sixth chapter, clarified the key strategies that will be helpful in strengthening regional relations of Qabatiya, and increasing its central importance in the district of study. The seventh final chapter, included results and recommendation of study, which were categorized into three sections A - General results, referring to the geographically, demographically, & economically characteristics. Most important of which are: - The area of all population gatherings in the area of study comprises 57% of Jenin’s total area, while plain lands comprises 13% only. - Industry is considered the main economical activity in Qabatiya and Al Zababda to some extent, while in Kffair & Talfeet it is agriculture, and labor inside the green - line areas ( Raba, Seer, Al Shuhada, Al Mugheer, Umm Al Toot, Msleh & AL Matala villages B) - results referring the regional and spatial relations, like: - Qabatiya has strong administrative regional relations, but weak cultural regional relations. It has Good economical relations in the field of industry, agriculture & wholesale. On the other hand it has weak relations in the field of retail sales, and in the field of medical services. - During the application of communicative & transportation measures, it appeared that Qabatiya occupies Number One in respect of distance (23km), in respect of easiness of transportation's, and the least costs. - Results regarding Qabatiya town, most raised are: - During analysis of current conditions of the town it appeared that points of strength were location, distance, groundwater, & raw materials. Points of weakness were narrowness of the main street in the center causing crowdedness, pollution, lack of general services, & lack of a planned industrial area. Also it showed that the many potentials and great opportunities were faced with natural and unnatural limitations. - The current and future physical development was affected extremely with the spatial relation between the town’s and the neighboring population gatherings. This is proved by the construction expansion seen in the western. - north in the direction of Al Shuhada village.
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