The Peculiarities of Urbanization and Its Inter Relation With The Built up Environment, A Study Case of Tulkarm City

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Jihad Awad
Dr.Fisal Za'noon
Asim Ahmad Ibraheem Khamees
This study dealt with the urban peculiarities with the built urban environment in the city of Tulkarm. I gave a gist in this research about this city from the location point of view and a historic gist of the development of the aims of people of the study and the check of the variables of the study. A questionnaire was used and was distribute on the families and by filed survey the historic method and the descriptive analysis was used in addition to the statistic analysis and the same quarter which contributed in the presence and differences between quarters. And this indicates that the urban more doesn't come individually and the peculiarities of the area is not complete in the direction of the urbanity which allowed us to consider that the area supports and enhance the idea of the urban and rural future.
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