The Environmental Concepts Of The Second Secondary School Students In Jenin City

Discussion Committee: 
Asma'a Abdullah Abdul-Rahman Abu Rub
The improper behavior of man towards his environment made it imperative that new measures must be put. Students of` secondary schools are the most suitable population to start with. This investigation aimed at establishing environmental awareness concepts and make it available to educationalists and environmentalists.(1607) students of high schools in Jenin district were questioned on various humanitarian, information, animal and plant sectors, natural resources and pollution matters. Results of this study include: 1. The environmental awareness among students of the second secondary schools is medium. 2. There were no significant differences in environmental awareness among the students of both sexes of this study in matters, availability of clubs and their membership. 3. Significant differences were obtained in student type of residence, and both parents level of education. It is here recommended that:- 1. Educational curriculum must include environmental education. 2. It is also suggested that environmental awareness societies need to be established. 3. The media must acquire its role in improving the relationship of students and their habitats.
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