The Educational Effectiveness of the Primary Teacher Preparation Program While in Service from the Teachers Point of View and it Relation with their Attitudes Towards Teaching Profession

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Dr. Ali Habayeb/supervisor
Dr. Ali Habayeb/supervisor
Aman Ghassan Mohammad Dawood
This study aims at identifying the degree of educational effectiveness which the Teacher Preparation Program has on teachers of the first four primary school stages. It is based on the points of view of the teachers themselves and helps in understanding the relationship between the program and the trends teachers have towards the career of teaching. The researcher applied a descriptive analytical approach in the study. The researcher also included a questionnaire which consists of two main parts and eleven fields. The validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by a group of specialized arbitrators. It was distributed amongst 178 teachers and 118 questionnaires were returned to the researcher giving a final sample of 66.3% of the study population. The data was analyzed using the (SPSS) program. The results showed that the degree of educational effectiveness for the preparation program reached 4.18 in average with a standard deviation of 0.30, mainly in favor of trends for the teaching career. The study proved that gender is an important variable that affected the degree of effectiveness for the teacher preparation program. It affects the trends teachers had towards teaching especially males. A second factor that affects the degree of effectiveness is the years of experience the teacher has in teaching. Those with more than ten year experience gave trends that differ from teachers with experience between 6 to 10 years. Moreover, the marital status also has an influence on the responses of the sample. It is clear that the personal characteristics of the teacher affects his/her trend towards teaching. Another variable is the place of residence giving favor for life in the city. In the light of these variables, the researcher recommends continuous teacher development and a necessary nonstop refinement of the preparation program to suit teachers needs.
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