Content Analysis of National Education School Textbooks for fifth, sixth and seventh Grades, and it’s evaluation from the point of view of Teacher's in the Northern Governorates in the West Bank

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ali Habayeb
Moath Nazmi Basheer
This study aimed to analyze the content of the textbooks of National Education and its evaluation for fifth, Sixth and Seventh grades, from males and females teachers point of view in the Governates of North of West Bank, in addition to know the effect of (gender, teacher qualification, years of experience, grade and times of teaching the subject) on the evaluation of the textbooks. To achieve the goal of the study, National Education textbooks were analyzed for these grades. Data were collected through a questionnaire, after testing it’s reliability and validity. After distributing the questionnaire to a stratified random sample, data were analyzed using the statistical package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The study population consists of all teachers of National Education in the districts of north of West Bank, which is equal to (819) teachers. The sample consisted of (246) teachers, which approximately (30%) of the population of the study. The results are First: The degree of evaluation of teachers for the textbooks of National Education on fifth, sixth and seventh grades in the districts of north of West Bank in all domains, has brought an average of (4.10) and a standard deviation (0.44) and percentage (82.0). Second: the degree of matching the standards for all classes was (70.4%), and it is a degree high, and the results on the content of all grades, came with a high degree (74.1%), and it was rank in the first place. Results concerning the activities and questions were (70.5) and came in second place. With regard to the degree of organizing the content was (67.4%), and came in third place. The results on display the content, received a score of (56.2%) , and came in fourth place. Third: There are no statistically significant differences at (α = 0,05) in the degree of evaluation National Education textbooks books of the fifth, sixth and seventh grades in the districts of the north of West Bank due to sex, qualification, the class, and teaching the subject, While there are differences due to experience variable. Based on the findings of the study, the researcher recommended the following: 1. Need to re-enrich the textbooks of National Education, with regard to the existence of a list of educational objectives for each unit. 2. Include appropriate summaries of the main ideas of each unit of National Education textbooks. 3. The need to start each unit with an introduction, objectives and definitions. 4. The inclusion of open-response questions within the lessons of National Education.
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