A Comparative Study of Urban and Rural Housing Geographical In Nablus Governorate Nablus City and Sebastia town (Case Study)

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Ali Abdu Hamid/supervisor
Dr. Fayez Frejat/external examiner
Dr. Ahmad Ra'fat/internal examiner
Dr. Ali Abdu Hamid/supervisor
Munther Mutasim Mohammed Faqih
Necessitated the nature of this research based on the theoretical background to study this region and facing problems and obstacles, and follow field study of all information, data and statistics geographical, economic and cultural, social, from multiple sources, then analysis, evaluation and conclusion by linking theory and practice in order to reach an appropriate plan for the development and prosperity of the study area. Dealt with the letter A comparative study of geographical housing urban and rural in Nablus: Nablus and the town of Sebastia (Case Study), depending on the information available from multiple sources, and the main objective of this letter is to compare the nature of housing between the town of Sebastia and Nablus by taking a random sample of areas of study and analyzed outcomes indicate the nature of housing and population problems, and knowledge of the role of planning in solving the housing crisis. To achieve this goal has been the use of statistics and data collected from questionnaires for housing in the town of Sebastia and Nablus. The findings of this study to a relationship common in housing problems in both the city and the village and is the existence of distress housing in that area and this is due to the increased demand for housing as a result of the steady increase in population, as well as rising home prices, and the weakness of the planning process in the region, and random construction , which reflected negatively on the widening of roads, as well asoverlapping land uses within residential neighborhoods, especially in the old town of the town of Sebastia and Nablus. The study recommends to set up an organization chart collection includes neighborhoods of the town of Sebastia and work on the development and development, and the adoption of the town of Sebastia as archaeological and tourist center through restoration of the old town, and build some small hotels to be places attracting tourists. The study recommends the need to follow special regulations for restructuring the housing on the western side of the city of Nablus and in particular regions Rafidia and Aljunied and the formulation of policies and development plans based on the reorganization of the residential areas to be set up in the area.
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