The Beliefs Of The Secondary-School Graduates In Qalqilia District Toward Science, Technology And Society

Discussion Committee: 
Dr. Mohammed Salem Al-Amlah
Ali Luttfi Ali Qashmar
This study aimed at knowing the beliefs of the secondary school graduates in Qalqilia District toward Science, Technology and Society. More specifically the study attempted to answer the following questions: 1. Is there any effect of the sex on the beliefs of the Secondary-School graduates towards the Science, Technology and Society? 2. Does the place of residence affect the beliefs of the Secondary-School graduates toward the Science, Technology and Society? The population of the study consisted of 150 students (83 males and 67 females) and represented the sample of the study. An instrument designed and used by Fleming (1987) was used. The items of the instrument were translated into Arabic, given to the experts in the school of education at AL-Najah University and it was recommended that it was fit to the purpose of the study. The study revealed that there was a great percentage of the secondary school students who had a false understanding of the nature of Science, Technology and Society. From the recommendations that came as a result of this study were the courses in the university that dealt with issues of Science, Technology and Society reviewing the curricula of Science, especially in the stage of secondary school education based on Science, Technology and Society. Moreover, studies must be made to suggest evaluative instruments that can be used to discover the opinions of the students and the teachers about Science, Technology and Society.
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